Vacuum Purging

What does vacuum purging do?

Vacuum purging is the process of lowering the boiling point to remove residual solvents trapped in a compound without overheating it. This will prevent excessive degradation of the sample, resulting in maximum quality and potency of your concentrate.

This is an especially important process for BHO, since it helps boil away any solvents and impurities you don't want the end-user consuming.

How to vacuum purge

You will need a few essential supplies to start purging with this method, including:

How long should you purge BHO?

The purge will take anywhere from from 24-48 hours. A few things will go into this, such as how much material you are purging, and the level of purity you hope to achieve. You want to make sure your extracts are completely free of solvents, so don't rush this.

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