Distillation is the process of separating a substance or component from a liquid mixture by selective evaporation and condensation. The process of distillation is used to produce some of the most pure extracts in the industry.

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What is short path distillation used for?

Short path distillation is a technique in which the distillate travels a short distance at a reduced atmospheric pressure. This will lower the boiling point of the solution.

This technique is commonly used with compounds that are unstable at higher temperatures, or when a small amount of a compound needs to be purified.

The advantage of short path distillation is that the heating temperature can be considerably lower due to the reduced pressure. This allows the extractor to cold boil the distillate over a shorter distance, minimizing the amount of compound lost on the sides of the apparatus.

What is the purpose of a rotary evaporator?

A rotary evaporator, sometimes referred to as a rotovap, is used to efficiently and gently remove solvents by evaporation. You can use a rotary evaporator to remove "low boiling" solvents from a compound, such as n-hexane or ethyl acetate.

Rotary evaporators are the method of choice for distillation in lab grade applications. These systems are efficient and safe, and the solvent is recovered and recycled for future use.

What is a jacketed reactor used for?

During an exothermic reaction such as distillation, heat will be released by the reactants. During an endothermic reaction, heat will be absorbed. In both of these processes, temperature control is crucial.

A jacketed reactor will help facilitate these processes.

These reactors come with a jacket around them, allowing for cooling or heating depending on the process. This is done using a chiller or heater system that is recirculated around the vessel.

Agitation can also be used in jacketed reactors to improve homogeneity of the fluid properties, such as temperature and concentration.

Do I need extraction funnels and filters?

Once you have undergone initial distillation, you can purify your extracts even further through secondary filtration and further processing.

Using a Buchner funnel and separatory funnel allow the extractor to winterize their extract in order to increase purity while removing fats and lipids from the solution.

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When it comes to purity, you cannot beat distillate.

This is a brief look into distillation, which is just one of many extraction methods you can try. If you want to learn about the others, and how to undergo each one, check out our guide on post harvest extracts.

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