Mother Earth Compost Tea Vegetative Nutrient Package

Mother Earth Compost Tea Vegetative Nutrient Package


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Mother Earth Compost Tea Vegetative Nutrient Package
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Mother Earth Compost Tea Vegetative Nutrient Package

Mother Earth Worm Castings, 1 cu ft



The Mother Earth Compost Tea Vegetative Nutrient Package is a great way to provide your plants with all organic nutrients that will create exceptional results in the vegetative stage of growth. Compost tea's are great because they are very customizable to exactly your situation or growth stage. Compost tea's have been around for a long time and are still gaining popularity with new generations. Because of their all organic inputs, compost tea's are very forgiving and typically do not allow for over fertilization. See the attached image for the recipe!

Compost Tea Ingredients

Mother Earth Meal Mix Grow - Mother Earth Meal Mix is a carefully selected blend of natural materials, formulated to provide a baseline media/soil amendment to build upon for the vegetative stage. It is a distinct mix of beneficial ingredients that is intended to be used as an additive to your favorite growing media (coco, soilless, raised beds and native soils) by either blending in, top dressing or making teas. Use for robust lush vegetative growth with compact internode spacing and building vigorous root systems. Derived from: Fish meal, feather meal, bone meal, crustacean meal, alfalfa meal, cotton seed meal, kelp meal, dolomite, gypsum, langbeinite, volcanic ash and potassium sulfate.

Mother Earth Sugar Load Heavy Brix Molasses - Mother Earth Sugar Load Heavy Brix Molasses is a rich source of carbohydrates. It is also a good food source for beneficial microorganisms, making it excellent for the use in compost tea stimulation. High attention to balance between concentration and flowability makes Sugar Load very easy to use.

Buried Treasure Liquid Guano - The best of Buried Treasure Guanos now available in a liquid format. Enhanced with the finest seaweed and humic substances around and complimented with premium earth worm casting extracts. These ingredients have been used successfully for centuries. Boost your standard nutritional package or use as a stand alone product.

Down to Earth Fish Powder - Premium quality solution grade high nitrogen fertilizer for promotion of rapid plant growth or correction of nitrogen deficiencies. Enzymatically hydrolyzed and spray dried fish protein concentrate provides a valuable and plant available source of organic nitrogen, amino acids and minerals. More concentrated and economical than liquid fish fertilizers. Combine with seaweed powder, biological inoculants or other soluble nutrients as part of a comprehensive fertility program.

Mother Earth Worm Castings - Mother Earth® Worm Castings are an all-in-one soil amendment. Earthworms convert organic matter into humus, which is good for amending soils. Our worms are carefully fed with composted forest humus, corn meal, greensand, azomite, gypsum, oyster shell flour, walnut meal and alfalfa meal to ensure the best quality castings. Add Mother Earth® Worm Castings to any potting soil as an amendment or use as a primary ingredient in compost tea.

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BrandMother Earth
Nutrient ApplicationSoil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient TypeOrganic Based

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