Seed Starter Plugs

Are you wondering how to start your seeds or clones? Generally, growers don't use soil or a grow medium, but rather a root starter plug. These are far more efficient, and allow for easier transplanting when roots start popping out.

What are seed starter plugs?

Also known as root plugs, seed starter plugs are the most simple way to germinate seeds or start clones. These are either rockwool slabs, coco mixes, or plugs and root cubes.

Most of these are oasis root cubes, and are sold as sheets or individual cubes. The reason these are so popular is because they are the easiest way to transplant clones or seedlings when the time comes.

How to use starter plugs and root cubes

Depending on your plug or cube, you will probably have to pre-soak it. These are difficult to re-moisturize once they dry out, so it is important to keep them moist at all times. This also ensures that once a tap root sprouts, it has access to water immediately.

Once the cube or plug is wet, place your seed(s) or clone inside. If you are using these for cloning, make sure you use a rooting gel or solution.

Then, place the cube inside your seed starting or cloning system. Carefully monitor the clone or seedling for root development, and after a week or two, it will be ready for transplant!

If you want to learn more about propagation, stop by our learning center!

If you are starting from seed, we have you covered! Check out our definitive guide on germinating seeds.

If you have any questions, reach out to our experienced growing staff at 888-815-9763!


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