Plant Shredders For Pre-Rolls & Extracts

Using a plant shredder for pre rolls and extracts is the only way to prepare your feed material when it comes to efficiency. Commercial growers and dispensaries don't have time to manually grind flower down for their pre-rolls or extracts. These days, you should be using a high-powered plant shredder like the ones we carry here at Hydrobuilder! If you have a cone filling machine, one of these is the perfect compliment to supercharge your output.

What are the best plant shredders for pre rolls and extracts?

Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry the best brands online at the lowest prices. You can find industry leaders such as Futurola, EZTRIM, STM Canna, and TrimPal to start increasing the efficiency of your pre roll or extract operation.

Futurola Shredder

The Futurola Shredder comes in three different sizes based on your grinding or shredding needs:

  • The Mini- Shred .7 pounds in 7 seconds
  • The Original- Shred 2 pounds in 3 seconds
  • The Super- Shred andremove stems from 3 pounds in 7 seconds

This shredder works perfectly with the Futurola Knockbox 2 Cone Filling Machine. If you are looking to maximize the efficiency of your dispensary or commercial grow, you cannot go wrong with Futurola products.


This is a large grinder which takes dried flower and breaks it down for processing cones or concentrates. It is incredibly efficient, with the ability to grind 2-3 pounds in 5 seconds

This grinder can also be rotated 360 degrees, making loading and unloading quick and easy.

TrimPal High-Tech Shredder

The TrimPal Shredder is another great option for lighting fast plant matter grinding. It can process 2 pounds in 3-7 seconds depending on moisture levels (faster if it is dry, slower if wet). The 110 cup shredder can shred 100 pounds in one hour with a single operator.

STM Canna Revolution Grinder

The STM Canna Revolution Grinder is one of the most powerful, efficient shredders we carry. It is capable of breaking down up to 15-20 pounds of feed material per batch!

It boasts the title of "The most efficient pre-roll grinder for commercial operations", but can also be used for extraction purposes. The Revolution Grinder also does a great job of preserving the trichomes on your flower, unlike some heavy-duty shredders which pulverize the material.

Not sure which pre roll shredder is right for your operation? Give our experts a call at 888-815-9763 and we will walk you through your options and find the right grinder for you.


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