HBX 600W Air-Cooled Economy Grow Light Kit

HBX 600W Air-Cooled Economy Grow Light Kit


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Air-Cooled Grow Light Kit from HBX

The HBX 600 Watt Air-Cooled Economy Grow Light Kit includes a reliable digital ballast, 6" air-cooled reflector, and your choice of bulb (metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or both for full spectrum). The metal halide spectrum is designed for the vegetative stage and high-pressure sodium for the flowering stage .

By using both the HPS and MH bulbs you will see better, healthier growth throughout your grow as well as an overall better quality finished product. This 600 Watt kit will cover a 5' x 5' or larger area for veg and about a 4' x 4' area in flower. You can easily grow 4-6+ plants depending on how large you let them veg for.

Using an air-cooled reflector is a great way to minimize the heat generated by your lighting and they work great in grow tents. With the dimmable feature of the Delux ballast, you are able to reduce lumen intensity during early plant growth or transitioning and provide high output intensity during later stages for bigger better fruits. Having a dimmable ballast will greatly improve your ability to control heat and intensity, prevents burning of plants and helps you save time, energy and money.

Included Products:

  • 6" Air-Cooled Grow Light Reflector
  • 600 Watt Digital Ballast, 120/240 Volt
  • 1/8" Heavy Duty Light Hangers (2 Per Pack)

Your Choice of Included Bulb(s):

  • Metal Halide : MH Veg Bulb
  • High Pressure Sodium : HPS Flower Bulb
  • Full Spectrum : (1) Metal Halide Bulb + (1) High-Pressure Sodium Bulb

Metal Halide (MH) vs. High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

Metal Halide (MH) bulbs are biased in the blue wavelengths which promotes vegetative growth in plants. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs are biased in the red wavelengths which promotes blooming or flowering in plants. While it is possible to use HPS or MH bulbs alone for the full-cycle of a plants life, it is recommended to use both MH and HPS bulbs during your grow cycle for best results.

You can read all about what bulbs are best for you in this article - Different Types of Grow Light Bulbs

Once you've decided on MH, HPS, or both bulbs, you will need to properly hang your light to get the best results possible. We have a great guide for hanging your grow lights here - How to Hang Your Grow Lights

Air-Cooled reflector

The most popular grow light reflector is the air cooled reflector, since it not only redirects lost light, but helps cool the area above the plants with the help of an inline fan.

These reflectors can be shopped by flange size, which will be the size of your fan. The most common sizes are 6", 8", and 10". This kit has the 6" reflector.

Learn more about grow light reflectors here - The Best Grow Light Reflectors


Grow light ballasts act as the power source for the grow lights. All of our grow light kits come equipped with ballasts, but if you are purchasing individual components, you will need a ballast.

The role of the ballast is to help provide enough power to get the arc started when you turn your light on. After this, the ballasts job is to regulate the current, providing a steady beam of light. Without a ballast, the grow light would get too hot and pop. As HID grow lights age, they require more power for operation, and a ballast also helps with this.

MH Bulb

Plants need light from different parts of the spectrum during different stages of their life cycle. During vegetative growth, metal halide (MH) bulbs are used to emit blue light. Blue light encourages robust, leafy growth and leads to the production of more bud sites.

HPS Bulb

Once the plant is ready to flower, high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs are used. These bulbs produce red/orange light, and this results in heavy, dense flowers.

Plants need both MH and HPS lights to grow to their full potential.

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