NanoLux LEDzx 630 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

NanoLux LEDzx 630 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light


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NanoLux Brand Product
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LEDzx Is An Ideal Solution For Commercial Growers Due To It's Light Weight, Easy Handling Design & It's Full-Spectrum Output

The Nanolux LEDzx fixture is designed to be lightweight and compact. This fixture is foldable for easy handling. It allows random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities, and features over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection and open / short circuit protection. The fixture is 0-10V COMPATIBLE, allowing control of your lighting with 0-10V protocol.

The units can be used at any voltage range of 100-277 volts and features a smart digital control. If one or several bars fail, the life of other bars and the power supply will not be affected. IP65 rated, 2.65 umol/j for a total of 1650 umol/s.

NanoLux LEDzx 630W Features:

  • 110V-277V wide voltage design, available with different NEMA power plugs for a wider range of voltage used.
  • Folding design facilitates transportation and saves on shipping and storage costs.
  • Modular patented design.
  • Digital control buttons are used for smart digital dimming with dimming ranges of 105W, 210W, 315W, 420W, 525W, and 630W
  • Smart digital bar protection system: Upon one or more bar failures the system will digitally protect working bars and the power supply allowing for continuous ongoing operation.
  • IP65 design protects against environmental conditions such as moisture and dust.
  • Included features: Random start, soft start, soft dimming, over-temperature, over-voltage and open/short circuit protection.
  • Compatible with various 0-10V control systems.
  • Uses Sanan high-quality horticultural chips
NanoLux LEDZX Folded

A Full-Spectrum White Light Your Plants Will Love

White light has been shown to promote the fastest photosynthetic rate in plants, and because this light is a full-spectrum light you are ensuring your plant gets the wide aray of light your plant craves. Think about the sun in relation to nature, plants love the sun!

Full-Spectrum white light emmited from NanoLux LED's give your plants the perfect recipe from veg to flower, with out the heat of the sun or bulky bulb centric grow lights.

NanoLux LED Light Levels Full Spectrum

Light Output PPF 1650 μmol/s
Efficiency 2.62 μmol/J
Dimming 0-10V
Input Power 630W
Input Voltage AC 110V-277V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Light Distribution 120°
Mounting Height 8”- 20” (20-50cm) above canopy
Operating Temperature 0°C~35°C
Operating Humidity 0~95%
Warranty 5 year standard warranty
Thermal Management Passive
Power Factor > 0.97
Total Harmonic Distortion < 10%
Requirement of Installment Comply with ETL/FCC/CE/EAC certificate
Lifetime L90 > 50,000hrs
IP rating IP65
Product Dimensions 1200x1150x70mm
Product Weight 10.6KG
Packaging Method 1PC/Carton (LED fixture with Driver)
Packing Dimensions 1215x590x95mm
Gross Weight 12.2KG
Nominal Electrical AC Input*
AC VOLTAGE 120V 208V 220V 240V 277V
AC Current 5.43 Amps 3.05 Amps 2.86 Amps 2.62 Amps 2.28 Amps
AC Power 652W 635W 631W 631W 631W
Power Factor 0.99 0.99 0.99 0.98 0.98
Tech Specs