Water Conditioners & Solutions

Want a quick fix for improving your water conditions without having to set up a Reverse osmosis (RO) filter or a dechlorinators and sediment filters? Water conditioners may not solve the problem of contaminated water completely, but they can be an easy way to provide better water to your hydroponic system.

What is a water conditioner?

A water conditioner is a way of changing water quality for the better with chemicals. These are sometimes referred to as water softeners.

What does a water conditioner do?

Water conditioners are added to the water, and work to remove chlorine, destroy chloramines, detoxify heavy metals, and provide essential electrolyes. Different conditioners or softeners work in different ways, but all will generally do these four things at the very least.


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  1. Cultured Solutions UC Roots

    Item #: UCROOTS

    Available in 7 Options

    $17.06 - $1,799.96
  2. GreenGro Water Conditioner

    Item #: GGWC

    Available in 2 Options

    $26.83 - $53.23
  3. Botanicare Hydroguard

    Item #: HYDROGUARD

    Available in 8 Options

    $17.70 - $2,031.54
  4. Microbe Life Hydroponics Dechlorinator+

    Item #: MLHDEC

    Available in 4 Options

    $25.28 - $64.62
  5. Flying Skulls Z7 Enzyme Cleanser

    Item #: FSENZYME

    Available in 5 Options

    $61.48 - $2,848.80
  6. Ez-Clone Clear Rez

    Item #: EZCCR

    Available in 8 Options

    $10.95 - $281.95
  7. General Hydroponics FloraShield Concentrate

    Item #: GHFLSH

    Available in 3 Options

    $8.34 - $44.15

    Out of stock

  8. Nutrilife SM-90

    Item #: SM-90

    Available in 4 Options

    $19.72 - $194.94

    Out of stock

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10 Item(s)

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