Pruners & Shears

As your plant grows robust foliage during vegetative growth, you will need to periodically prune. At Hydrobuilder, we carry plant pruning shears from a number of brands!

What do pruning shears do?

Pruning shears make trimming back excess foliage easy, with an ergonomic shape and spring assistance. These shears make your job as easy as possible. As your plant grows, you may want to employ some type of pruning strategy to direct growth.

For example, topping is a common practice where growers will cut the dominant shoot(s) of growth to encourage a wider canopy and more even growth. You will also need to prune growth towards the bottom, since these areas do not receive light and will not grow much.

If you are looking to trim your buds, these are not the right product. We carry special garden trimming scissors for this purpose!

Which pruning shears are the best?

Our favorite pruning shears are the Shear Perfection, Fiskars, and Corona lines.

How do you care for pruning shears?

If you take special care of your pruning shears, you will likely be able to use one pair for years! Some tips for keeping your pruning shears in mint condition are to prevent them from getting wet, and wiping off plant material or fluids after each pruning session. You should store them in a dry place, and most importantly, sharpen them regularly. This will prevent damage to your shears and your plants from pruning with a dull pair of blades.

If you want to learn more about pruning your plants, give us a call at 888-815-9763 and we will answer any questions you have!


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