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Hydrobuilder - Recommended Accessories for Your Current Culture Hydroponic System

Current Culture Accessories

Enhance your grow room with these tips from Hydrobuilder!

Maximize the potential of your Current Culture hydroponic system with these optional accessories that will help to increase yields, maintain superior plant health and reduce effort and issues.


Water Chiller

A water chiller is recommended in most all cases to maintain cool water temperatures essential for high levels of dissolved oxygen. Refer to the Instruction Manual for chiller installation instructions, and watch this video to learn how easy it is to connect a water chiller to an Under Current system.

Chill Factor

Before purchasing a water chiller confirm it can chill the total system volume at least 10-15° or whatever the differential is between your desired room temp and desired water temp. For instance if you have a system that holds 100 gallons total and your desired room temp is 78° and the desired water temp is 68°. Make sure the chiller can chill 100 gallons at least 10°.

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Cool Coil™

Multiple Under Current® Systems can be cooled by one large chiller (we recommend Surna™ chillers) by using the Cool Coil™ from Surna. Chilled solution is pumped from an auxiliary reservoir into a manifold (usually PVC) and out to each Cool Coil placed in the Epicenter of each system. Consult Surna for proper chiller sizing and setup.


Water Filtration

Clean and fresh water is an essential start to a healthy hydroponic system. Your tap water may be just fine to work with, but many growers will find better results by filtering their water through a reverse osmosis filter. We recommend that you learn more about your own tap water by performing a detailed water analysis before purchasing any filtration equipment. If you find your water needing filtrations, be sure to follow these tips when purchasing a filter:


A reverse osmosis water filter is recommended for source water with mineral levels exceeding 100ppm. Not sure about the mineral level of your water? Purchase a PPM meter here on Hydrobuilder.com

Large Enough Filter?

Your filter should be large enough to replenish the entire system volume within 24hrs.

Unwanted Pests?

UV Sterilization may be necessary to kill off any inherent pathogens present in source water.

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pH/EC/Temp Meters

A high quality pH/EC/Temp meter is important to relay vital stats to you the grower. Running the Under Current without these tools may prove to be difficult. Purchase a combined unit or multiple individual units from a reputable company (we recommend BlueLab™) to ensure problem free operation. Be sure to clean and calibrate your meters per the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure accurate readings.

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Module Cages

As your plants grow and the flowers and fruit weigh down the branches they may need extra support to avoid breakge and to ensure they receive the maximum light. Module Cages made by Current Culture® are specifically designed to fit both the 8 and 13 gallon Growth Modules. Module Cages can be applied to the growth modules at any stage of growth as they wrap around and clip together. Made from high quality galvanized metal, Module Cages can be reused with every cycle.

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UC Parka

When using a Current Culture system in a greenhouse or outdoors extra UV protection and thermal insulation may be needed. Made by Smart Pots™ from an insulated reflective material, UC Parkas are used to cover the Growth Module, provide insulation and reflectivity to help cooling systems work more efficiently. Available for both 8 and 13 gallon growth modules.

UC Parka for 8 Gal. Modules

UC Parka for 13 Gal. Modules

Top Off / Fresh Water Reservoir

Having a separate reservoir that is equal to or larger than the full system volume can make nutrient change outs and cleaning much simpler. This reservoir can also be used to top off the system to maintain consistent water levels as plants feed. The Top-Off Reservoir can also be used to introduce a slightly stronger nutrient solution or counterbalance pH swings. Each Under Current® system includes a Reservoir Adapter Kit which includes everything you need to attach a reservoir to the float valve in the Epicenter.

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Cultured Solutions Nutrients

The optimal hydroponic system is made even better with the optimal nutrients from Cultured Solutions. Developed specifically for use in the Current Culture systems, this line of nutrients and root-health products contains the perfect mix of macro and micro nutrients to produce amazing results and explosive growth. Combined with the increased dissolved oxygen produced by the Under Current system design, these nutrients will blow away the competition and ensure stable pH levels and minimal residue buildup.

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