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Sun System is a leading producer of hoods and reflectors, and you will find the best supply, prices, and service on sun system reflectors at Hydrobuilder.

Why Sun System reflectors are superior

Just like the lights themselves, Sun System reflectors are built to be the best. You can see the amount of detail that goes into their reflectors in the image below, with extra thought put into the corners.

These reflectors are built with 95% reflective German aluminum interior, along with 98% reflective corner inserts. This results in unprecedented output, reflectivity, and diffusion of light.

Simply put, Sun System reflectors help you get the most out of your grow lights by redirecting as much light back into your plant canopy as possible!

Sun System grow lights

Why even use a reflector in your grow room?

Grow light reflectors are used for maximizing the efficiency of your grow lights. With HID lighting, much of your light will illuminate walls and the ceiling instead of your canopy.

This is less than ideal, and you are wasting money by doing this. When you use a reflector, you can redirect all this wasted light back towards the plants.

Sun System Grow Light Reflectors

There are a variety of Sun System hood and reflectors available here at Hydrobuilder, including:

Which reflector is best for you?

The best reflectors are the air-cooled reflectors, since these help to remove heat built up over your plant's canopy. You can use an inline fan and ducting to expel this hot air.

A non air-cooled reflector looks just like it's air-cooled counterpart, but will not have a flange where you can connect an inline fan. These redirect light very efficiently, but generate a ton of heat. If you use one, read our guide on handling excess heat in the grow room.

Sun System also produces parabolic reflectors and wing reflectors, which don't remove heat but will build up less than other types. These will not redirect as much of your light towards your plants, however.

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Not sure which reflector is right for you? Read our grow light reflector buying guide first.


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