Sun System LEC Grow Lights

Sun System LEC grow lights offer many benefits over traditional HID lighting, including reduced heat output, more optimal spectral range and reduced power usage. The LEC fixtures or Light-emitting ceramic, utilize a newer technology called ceramic metal halide. Read below to learn how you can save time, money and frustration while increasing yields with LEC lights from Sun System!

Increase Yields and Decrease Heat with Light-Emitting Ceramic Grow Lights

For decades traditional HPS and MH bulbs have been the standard for many growers but these days there are many new options available. Sun System has been developing Light Emitting Ceramic lights for years and they offer many unique benefits over both traditional lighting and newer technologies like LED and plasma. Because LECs run cooler, use fewer watts, and provide full spectrum light penetration, many growers have been blown away by the performance, cost savings and longevity of these new lights. They are great for small spaces like grow tents due to their low heat output, but also make great commercial fixtures with their long lamp life and reliable spectral maintenance.

These lights are cool! Known as Ceramic Metal Halides - these unique lamps produce intense light at about half the watts of traditional MH or HPS bulbs. This allows you to cover the same grow space with an equivalent amount of light while cutting wattage use in half! Since these bulbs run cooler, there is no need for additional fixture ventilation, reducing hassle, energy use and noise. Get rid of that extra duct-work, these lights run much cooler than traditional HID lights making it easier to control garden temps and allowing you to position the light closer to the canopy top.

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True Full Spectrum LEC Grow Lights

LEC or CMH lamps provide a wider spectral range including many more wavelengths in the UV and far red regions. This provides more PPFD than traditional HID lighting promoting vigorous plant growth. With the wide spectrum offered from the 3100K Phillips Lamp you can use one lamp for full-cycle growing. These lamps also make great supplemental fixtures for gardens with traditional HID lighting and will help to broaden the total spectrum increasing growth and flower quality in late-stage growth. Also available is a 4,200K bulb perfect for those using these lights in a veg room. The clean, white light is also easier to work under than the more purple light many LED’s produce, helping you identify nutrient or pest issues much faster!

Full spectrum LEC grow light bulbs in 3,100K and 4,200K

Extra Long Ceramic Bulb Life

Far outlasting MH and HPS bulbs, LEC’s extended lamp life will make your life easier with fewer lamp replacements each year. The unique characteristics of these lamps also increases the lumen and spectral maintenance meaning your light quality will remain optimal much longer than with traditional MH or HPS lamps. These lamps do require specific square-wave ballasts to work correctly, so Sun System made it easy by including them in the fixture itself. This makes garden layout easier and ensures your lamps will continue to provide powerful full-spectrum light for its entire rated life. A remote-ballast model is also available.

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Perfect Grow Light for Grow Tents

Because LEC lights produce such little heat, they make a great choice for indoor grow tents where heat control is a major concern. The Diamond Series LEC's from Sun System are specifically designed for grow tents or where space is limited and feature a low profile design. The Diamond 315 Watt fixture works great for smaller tents up to 3' x 3', while larger tents benefit from the dual-lamp 630 Watt Diamond fixture. For those wishing to take advantage of C02 generators in a sealed tent, the lower-temperature benefit of LECs really starts to shine. We have created special grow tent packages & grow room kits including the Sun System LEC lights here at to help you save time and money.


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