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Kind LED grow lights are so powerful, efficient, and popular, that we have outfitted some of our grow tent kits with them. Grow tent kits include everything you need to start growing, and there is no better way to grow plants than in a grow tent.

Why grow in a KIND LED grow tent kit?

A grow tent is a completely sealed environment, and provides the perfect atmospheric conditions for growing indoors. These contain the mess of your garden, including the smell.

Our grow tent kits include everything you need to take a plant from seed to harvest. Specifically, you will find the following in our grow tent kits:

  • Grow Tent - Depending on the size of tent kit you go with, you can grow anywhere from 2-64 plants.
  • Grow Light - In this case, this will be a KIND LED.
  • Ventilation System - Inline Exhaust Fan, Carbon Filter, Fan Controller, Circulation Fan, Ducting, and Clamps.
  • Growing Method - Choose between growing in Soil with Pots and Saucers or Hydroponically in a Root Spa or Current Culture Deep Water Culture System
  • Accessories - All Tent Kits include Trimming Scissors, Thermometer-Hygrometer, and Ice Water/Dry Ice Extraction Bags for post-harvest extraction.

You can choose between Covert, Gorilla Grow Tent, High Rise grow tents.

If you are unsure which grow tent size or type is best for you, check out our Grow Tent Buying Guide.

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