Trimming & Garden Scissors

Pruning and trimming plant growth and buds can be a tiresome chore for growers, but a good pair of trimming scissors or shears will make this easier and more enjoyable.

What are trimming scissors?

Trimming scissors are used for harvesting buds. They have fine, skinny blades for surgically removing excess plant material and leaving you with a beautiful final product.

What is the best way to trim buds?

The manner for which you should harvest your buds will depend on your manpower and how many plants you have, along with your budget.

Hobby growers with smaller gardens should always hand trim with trimming scissors. The quality of a hand-trimmed bud will almost always exceed anything a trimming machine could produce. The problem with hand trimming is it can be tiresome, and in some cases, just not feasible.

If you have limited time or lots of plants, trimming can take weeks. In these cases, it just makes more sense to use a Trimming machine. These can turn the trimming time from weeks to hours, and eliminate human contact almost entirely. At Hydrobuilder, we have a trimming machine for everyone!

What are the best trimming scissors?

While all trimming scissors will do the same thing, some brands outshine others in terms of quality and comfort. The three best brands are Corona, Fiskars, and Shear Perfection.

All of these trimming scissors are from reputable brands and will eliminate some of the discomforts of having to trim for hours at a time.


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