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Titan Controls Helios 18 - 12 Light Controller with Dual Trigger Cords, 240 Volt

Item #: 702843

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Titan Controls
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Titan Controls Helios 18 - 12 Light Controller with Dual Trigger Cords, 240 Volt

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Output Wattage


Light Outlets

1000 Watt

240V Outlets

Input Amperage
80 Amp

240V Input

Output Amperage
60 Amp

240V Output

3 Year


The Helios 18 will operate up to 12 HID lights at 240 Volts. This lighting controller features industrial grade, ballast rated relays intended for use with indoor garden lighting. The dual trigger cord sets allow for staggered start times or separate lighting schedules for your plants. The innovative removable front panel makes installing your lighting controller a breeze. Universal outlets will accept either 120V or 240V cord-sets for complete versatility with your lighting controller.

Product Usage Diagram:

Pair with a Titan Controls Apollo 24hr Timer (sold separately)

Titan Controls Apollo 6: 24 Hour Timer w/ 15 Minute Intervals

Plug one of the Helios 18's 15 foot relay power cords into an Apollo 24 Hour Timer to gain complete timed control over 8 1000W ballasts with 15 minute intervals. 15 Amps - 120 Volts - 60 Hz. Item #: 734110

Learn more about this timer

Product Details

  • Operates up to 12 -1000 Watt grow lights at 240 Volts
  • Features 'ballast rated' relays - Only lighting controller in the industry to use such high quality parts
  • Dual trigger cord sets allows the operator to vary lighting schedules or stagger starting times
  • Innovative removable front panel on controller makes this the easiest system ever to install - Another industry 1st!
  • Universal outlets will accept either 120 Volt or 240 Volt ballast cord sets
  • Durable 20 gauge steel chassis
  • 80 Amps power input/60 Amps power output
  • 240 Volts/60 Hz./12,000 Watt Max
  • 3 year warranty


Brand Titan Controls
SKU 702843
Weight (lb.) 11.45
Length (in.) 16.4
Width (in.) 13.5
Height (in.) 6.4
Warranty Yes
Free Shipping Yes
Outlets 12
Has Photocell No
Watts 12,000 Watts Max
Voltage 240V

Titan Controls Helios 18 - 12 Light Controller with Dual Trigger Cords, 240 Volt Questions & Answers

Does my Titan Controller need to be calibrated?

No, your controller has been factory calibrated and is ready for service when you take it out of the box. Each unit will provide years of use and will maintain its settings without any further changes required.

How does the quality and reliability compare to other brands of controllers on the market?

Titan Controls believes these products to be the best quality, most reliable environmental control products on the market. They are made with very robust, premium grade components to provide years of service. The housings are made on the same high-end sheet metal & powder coating equipment that makes Sun System brand reflectors.

Are Titan Controls digital or analog controllers?

Both! Titan uses digital control boards on most of the controllers, but simplifies the use of them by having analog (manual knobs & switches) controls to operate the devices. This eliminates the need to scroll through complicated electronic menus.

Are the Titan Controllers compatible with each other?

Yes. They are designed to work together so you may expand your system as needed.

Can I use Titan Controls with other manufacturer's equipment?

Yes, Titan Controls gear is compatible with all other manufacturer's equipment currently on the market today. It is designed to interface with any equipment that's 120 Volts and uses a standard NEMA 5 plug configuration. Be careful not to exceed the total recommended amperage stated on the controller.

What happens to the 'preferred settings' on my Titan Controller if I lose power?

Titan Controls digitally based equipment has 'non-volatile' memory storage that allows the unit to retain settings due to a loss of power. The analog product line settings are not affected by a loss of power and will maintain dial settings.

What are the 'trigger cords' for?

The 'trigger cords' activate and deactivate your light bank. It uses a standard 120 Volt circuit to open and close the high power relay inside the Helios 18 lighting controller. When the trigger cords activate the relay, you will hear a 'thunk' sound. This is the relay turning ON your light bank. When the trigger cords defeat the 120 Volt power to the relay, you will hear the 'thunk' sound again and your lights will be OFF. To operate your light bank, plug the 'trigger cords' into a 120 Volt 24 hour appliance timer (we suggest Apollo 8 or Apollo 9 120V timers) and set your required lighting schedule (normally 18 hours in vegatative stage and 12 hours in flowering stage). Your grow lights will operate based on the ON/OFF settings on the 24 hour timer. Two trigger cords allow the grower to stagger light ON times or have two separate timing schedules. See application diagram for more information.

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