Phat Filters Carbon Filter Fan Exhaust Kit

Phat Filters Carbon Filter Fan Exhaust Kit


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Phat Filters Brand Product
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Phat Filters Are Packed Full With The Very Best Carbon On The Market. This Exhaust Kit Has Everything You Need For Complete Ventilation & Odor Control

Setting up a ventilation exhaust system can be complicated. From choosing the right ducting, to finding a filter that fits your fan, to selecting the right controller, it can get confusing. At Hydrobuilder, we have made this a one-step process for you with our complete ventilation and odor control kits.

When we say Phat Filter carbon beds are 2" thick, they are in fact, 2" thick. The same is true when it comes to Phat Filter bed length size; the size we claim is in fact the actual size, not a “rounded-up” dimension to make it seem bigger. So it stands to reason that we can obviously pack more carbon into our filters than some others can claim.

Kit Includes

  • Phat Carbon Filter
  • Phat Inline Fan
  • Atmosphere Fan Speed Controller
  • Vent Ducting
  • Hanging Straps (12" kit does not include straps)

What Makes This Kit So Great?

Phat Filters Carbon Filter

The special carbon is mined from deep within the earth, and activated with steam at very high temperatures, then it's shipped to us for use. No hazardous compounds ever come into contact during the activation process—keeping our planet green and clean is what we're all about! Genuine Phat Filters offer you the quality you can trust though non-pelletized carbon, using no glues or binders, thereby increasing the effective filtering capability of genuine Phat Filters. We are the most trusted name in greenhouse odor control worldwide! Learn more here!

Exhaust Filter

Phat JetFan Inline Fan

Coming in the 4", 6", and 8" kits, these powerful mixed-flow digital fans are 32-bit microprocessor-controlled and offer outstanding performance and value. Jetfans are the ideal solution for your ventilation needs, and can also be used for air-cooling compatible HID fixtures. Because the motors in these fans are EC—electronically controlled—they offer very high efficiency, reliability, and controllability. Hanging Straps are included. Learn more here!


Phat Mixed Flow Inline Fan

Included in the 10" & 12" kits, these ultra-powerful Phat Fans use advanced mix-flow technology, and have a specially engineered aerodynamic design, which allows them to achieve an unheard of level of performance and efficiency. These fans maintain high CFM ratings, have powerful internal drive motors, are aerodynamically designed, and feature UL recognized components, an attached 8 ft power cord and mounting brackets. Hanging straps are included with the 10" kits only. Learn more here!

Inline Fan

Atmopshere Fan Speed Controller

Specially designed for controlling the speed of inline, mixed-flow and centrifugal ventilation fans. Save cash and energy too—simply turn Dial-A-Temp to your desired speed for extraction of warm air from growrooms and lighting systems. Easy installation with dual plug-in and ground socket. UL-recognized components, factory tested. Modern design with rugged fire retardant enclosure.

Inline Contoller

Ducting and Clamps

The ducting provided in this kit is constructed for long lasting performance and can be used with reflectors, exhaust systems, and other systems. 2 duct clamps are included

Air Ducting

Pair one of these carbon filter and fan exhaust kits with one of our HEPA Filter and Fan Intake Kits , and you will have a complete ventilation system.

Determining your requirement - Exhaust vs Recirculating (Scrubbing)

You will need to determine whether or not you are exhausting (going from a contaminated environment to a sterile environment in only a single pass through the filter) or recirculating, aka “scrubbing” (exhausting the system back into the contaminated space).


In an exhaust setting the air only passes through the filter one time so it is imperative that we remove as close to 100% of the contaminate as possible with that one chance. This requires that the contaminant have a certain time in contact with the carbon in order to be fully adsorbed. Our filters are marked with both exhaust and recirculating ratings for just this reason. If you are using this system to exhaust, DO NOT exceed the exhaust rating for the filter, the more this rating is exceeded the less contaminant will be adsorbed because the two will not have enough contact timefor adsorption to fully take place.

Exhaust Diagram


In a recirculating system , the contact time is not such a crucial number as we are taking contaminated air, filtering it, and releasing it back into what is typically and constantly decontaminated environment. It is for this reason that it is not necessary to remove 100% of the contaminant in a single pass. Instead we double the exhaust rating which will reduce the contact time, the goal here is to still remove a large portion of the contaminant but to get raise the cycle rate of air through the filter above the rate of emission from the source. Now, instead of removing 99.9% of the contaminant in a single pass we are getting closer to 60% but we are getting twice as many cycles through the filter in the same amount of time and over time, reducing the overall build-up of contaminant in the environment.

Recirculating diagram

Sizing Your Space

Once you’ve determined the type of system you need, it’s time to size your space.

Typically for exhaust we recommend a simple length x width x height /3 calculation. This will give you the amount of air (cubic feet per minute, CFM) that you will need to move to properly ventilate your space allowing for a three-minute air exchange (all the air in the space is exchanged for fresh air every three minutes). This is the number you will match your filter to.

Room size: 10’x12’x8’ (960 cubic feet)
960 cubic feet / 3 minutes = 320CFM (Minimum recommended CFM to exchange the air every 3 minutes)

For recirculating systems, you can use the same length x width x height but divide by 1.5. This will give you a high cycle rate while still ensuring the removal of a majority of contaminant with each pass through the filter.

Tech Specs