Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD

Hydro Logic MicRO Reverse Osmosis Filter - 75 GPD

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Hydro Logic Brand Product

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  • Water Filter Systems
    Reverse Osmosis Filter
  • Gallons Per Day
  • System Ratio Waste:Clean
  • Recommended Feed Pressure
    60 PSI

Micro sized, portable reverse osmosis system. Entry level, economical solution. 75 gallons per day. Includes KDF/carbon pre-filter and 75 GPD membrane. Also comes with garden hose connector, 1/4" shut off valve, and pressure gauge. Features 2:1 drain to product water ratio for maximum efficiency.

  • Replaceable carbon pre-filter (more earth friendly and affordable to change only the filter not the entire housing)
  • KDF85 media added into carbon pre-fiter (for chloramines and heavy metal reduction)
  • USA made high rejection RO membrane
  • Metal bracket (so filter is stable on a flat surface or can be wall mounted)
  • Integrated pressure gauge with safe zones
  • ASOV (automatic shut off valve so drain line shuts down when product line is shut down)
  • External flow restrictor for 2:1 drain to product water ratios
  • Full color retail packaging

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Tech Specs


BrandHydro Logic
Weight (lb.)5.8
Prop 65No
Gallons Per Day75
System Ratio Waste:Clean2:1
Inlet Tubing Size1/4"
Product Tubing Size1/4"
Waste Tubing Size1/4"
Gallons Per Hour3.1
Min. Feed Pressure40 PSI
Recommended Feed Pressure60 PSI
Operating TemperatureMax 100 °F
Max TDS1000 ppm
Max Hardness170 PPM (10 grain)

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Better than advertised
I use this filter and the deionizer add-on. I get 0 water at 6.7ph with roughly 1.15:1 wastewater ratio. About 1.5 gals an hour at 80PSI. Better than advertised and @. $0.006 a gallon including waste. I am very, very happy with this setup. I have hard Rocky Mountain spring water coming out the tap. Established plants love it. Good for people too. Edibles and baby plant not so much. So I need to covert about 20 Gal a week for house and garden. This little filter is perfect.
Works great
I bought this for my Juice Plus Tower Garden. It works great. Installation was easy with sharkbites and PEX. Output is pretty slow but not really an issue for me. PPM went from 300-400 to 0-2. Plants love it.
I have had this for 2 months now it has worked great for me, has a good fill time, ph is good and the price is good as well.
A great option for smaller scale RO needs
I've had this unit for around a couple months now, and I'm very pleased. The only other RO units I could find for this price were 'no name' or 'off brand' units that had sketchy reviews at best. I was comfortable making this purchase because HL is a pretty big name in the industry and I have heard great things about their units. Now that I own one myself, I see why they come so highly recommended. Be aware that if your water source is under 40 psi that you may need a booster pump to get the 75gpd thats advertised. My water source pressure goes from 35-45 psi and I'm happy with the results, even at the lower pressure I only get 9 or 10 ppm when I started at something like 330

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