Hydroponic Micro Gardens

Not sure you have the space for a full hydroponic system? Are you looking for a way to start clones and seeds hydroponically? Hydroponic micro gardens are the answer!

What is a hydroponic micro garden?

A hydroponic micro garden is a great way for growers to cultivate hydroponic plants in tight spaces. Most growers strive to grow the largest, strongest plants possible, but this isn't feasible for everyone.

Some growers try to grow in a small closet, or don't want to take up much space in a spare room. This is where micro gardens shine.

Hydro micro gardens are just smaller site hydroponic systems, but are the same as their larger versions other than that. Using a micro garden allows you to cultivate far more plants in way less space. Granted, the plants themselves will be smaller, but that may not be a concern to you.

Propagating in a hydroponic micro garden

Due to the small grow sites in the hydroponic micro system, these are a great way to start seeds or clones. Keeping a steady supply of clones for transplanting into a larger hydroponic system is a great way to perpetually harvest plants.

Growers can start plants in a micro garden and once they have hardened off and are ready, can remove the plant with the root cube or starter plug attached still. The plant can then be transplanted into a larger hydroponic system.

Types of hydroponic micro gardens

Hydroponic micro gardens are just smaller versions of their full size systems.

As such, here at Hydrobuilder we carry aeroponic systems like the General Hydroponics RainForest Modular 236 - Vortex Sprayer

You can also find micro ebb and flow systems here. The Hydrofarm Mega Garden System is a great miniature flood and drain system.

A very popular option is the Super Closet SuperPonics 16 Plant Hydroponic Grow System. This micro hydroponic system combines top feeding, aeroponics, and deep water culture all in one for maximal results.

These micro hydro systems can grow anywhere from 1-10 plants all the way up to 40 plants!

Not sure if micro gardening is right for you? Our expert growers are ready to answer your questions at 888-815-9763!

For more information on growing hydroponically, stop by our learning center!


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