Standard Duty Grow Tents

Our selection of standard duty grow tents are perfect for the indoor gardener looking to start a soil-based or hydroponic grow in the seclusion of their own home.

Whats the difference between standard and heavy duty grow tents?

Our standard grow tents offer everything you need in a grow tent at an affordable price. The main difference between our standard duty and heavy duty indoor plant growing tents is the thickness of the exterior fabric, and pole thickness of the frame.

Heavy duty grow tents usually will have 1680D thread-count, whereas a typical standard duty tent will have closer to 600D thread count. When it comes to pole thickness, heavy-duty models have slightly thicker poles that can hold up to 300 lbs. at the top hanging crossbars. Standard duty will hold about half that, but you will probably never even need to hold that amount regardless.

If you are looking for the strongest and most high end grow tent on the market, Gorilla Grow Tent is that brand. If you are looking for a good quality, well built, affordable grow tent, consider saving some bucks and purchase a High Rise Grow Tent.

Need a complete set-up with a tent, grow light, ventilation, and accessories? Our Grow Tent Kits offer everything you will need to get growing top shelf at home, plus if you buy a complete grow kit you save money!

Not sure exactly what size or type you should go with? Read our various learning center articles about Growing In A Grow Tent, and you will find helpful information about setting up ventilation, managing heat, and a buying guide to determine what grow tent is best for your situation.


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