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Scissors, Shears & Hand Tools

Using Quality Scissors and Shears in your Hydroponics Garden

The one area that almost every grower is apt to scrimp on is the quality of their scissors, shears and hand tools.  Everything else in the grow room will be top-notch quality, but when it comes to hand tools that we use multiple times a day, we think we can run to down to the big box and grab them off-the-shelf.

We’ve all done it from time to time and it always turns out the same.  They jam, cut poorly or just plain fall apart within a day or so.  

The scissors, shears and hand tools are the most used grow room equipment.

We use the scissors, shears and hand tools more often than anything else in the grow room or greenhouse, for Pete’s sake.  In fact, they are used so often that most often we carry them with us in a holster on our belt so that they’re always available.

Why on earth would we scrimp there?

Professional tools yield professional results.

Learn to save money elsewhere, but don’t cut corners on the hand tools, because they’re just used too often to afford a failure.

There are certain scissors and shears that are just a standard part of the job.


  • Commercial grade scissors
  • Straight trimmer
  • Scissor snip pruner
  • Floral snip
  • Shortcut snips


The large-scale grower should use the rechargeable power scissors.

For only right around $100.00 you can buy the commercial grade of all these tools, so why would you settle for something less? The power scissors are the exception to this, but this is only something the large-scale grower needs to invest in.  It’s is a decision you won’t regret given the time it saves on trimming.

Granted, not all of these are used frequently but they all serve a specific task in your growing operation. The two most often used are the scissors and the pruner and these are most often the ones we always carry on our person.

Stick with titanium or stainless steel as these will provide the best performance over multiple seasons.   These materials also are resistant to the constant jamming that inferior products are prone to do.

These are also very easy to keep clean, as you well know is a problem with both tools.

When picking up a pruner you want to stay away from the anvil cut style and stick with the scissors cut.  An avail pruner has one cutting blade that cuts against the grooved anvil on the bottom of the tool.

The problem with this style of pruner is that it tends to rip or tear plant stems instead of the clean cut you get with the scissors style.

The indoor grower is going to use the shortcut scissors and floral snip scissors quite a bit on bloom and bud maintenance, so this is something cheap enough that you’ll want to keep several on hand of. You know how it goes, we sit them down a minute to answer the phone and they disappear for a few days.

A trim tool station is great for organizing and finding frequently used hand tools.

For the amount of time hand tools are required throughout the grow it is a good idea to store them all in one neat organizer.  Pick up several to keep tools conveniently located in several handy locations.

The trim tool stations are great to for organizing because it’s all to easy to constantly mislay something as small as a hand tool when you’re leaving them lay on the work counters.  Once you get in the habit of keeping tools organized you’ll be glad you did because of the headaches it solves in wasting time looking for things.

Properly cleaning tools helps reduce harmful pests and keeps hand tools operating at top performance.

Keep a few bottles of sap off soap available because this is something you’ll be using quite a bit. This is especially important for the indoor grower because they do so much grooming and trimming of the plants.

Get into the habit of regularly cleaning your scissors, shears and other snipping tool because this does a lot to prevent fungal and bacterial pathogens from spreading.  A grower may not always notice a sick plant right away and it can spread very quickly by using infected tools.

A good companion product is the inexpensive scissors scrubber that makes tool cleanup a snap.

The reality is that a grower needs quality tools and save nothing through buying off-the-shelf cheap junk.  Decent commercial hand tools are about the same price, anyway, so using them isn’t going to break you.


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