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Started by two friends in central California, EZ-Clone has come a long way. They were a pioneer for cloning machines, and were recently awarded "Best Aeroponic Cloning Machine" and "Best New Horticulture Product".

After a decade of stellar hydroponic and propagation sales across the world, Ez-Clone can proudly say that they still have less than a 1% return rate. Their products are made with the highest quality parts available, are assembled and packaged right here in the USA, and come with a lifetime warranty.

EZ-Clone Propagation and Hydroponics

EZ-Clone is mostly known for their cloning machines and hydroponic supplies. When it comes to starting your plants, cloning is generally an easier route. They make this process even simpler with their cloning systems. They also manufacture propagation supplies, such as collars, inserts, and rooting compounds, to expedite the rooting process.

EZ-Clone Aeroponic Cloning Systems

These products are what made EZ-Clone so popular, and what they are known for today. Their Aeroponic Cloning Machines have won awards as best aeroponic cloning systems.

To really supercharge your cloning process, consider one of their Plant Cloning Kits. This will include not just the cloning system, but a propagation grow light, a propagation grow tent, rooting compounds, and a fan.

EZ-Clone propagation supplies

EZ-Clone also produces cloning collars & inserts to work with their cloning systems. These systems will usually include these, and they are reusable, but its not a bad idea to have some extras on hand. You will need to replace them eventually.

To rapidly increase the rate at which your clones root, and to ensure a high success rate, use Ez-Clone Clear Rez and Ez-Clone Rooting Compound. These products will make cloning much faster and easier.

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EZ-Clone Commercial Cloning Systems

Are you a commercial grower? Keeping a constant supply of high quality genetics in veg is incredibly important to you. The Ez-Clone 459 Site Commercial Cloning System allows you to keep a constant supply of fresh clones, so you can set up a large-scale perpetual harvest

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If you are new to propagation, click here for our full guide on how to clone a plant.