California LightWorks

LED Grow lights by California LightWorks are many growers' go to for indoor cultivating. Whether you are a commercial grower with a huge greenhouse, or a hobby grower with a small grow room or tent, California LightWorks will save you money on energy while maximizing yields.

What separates California LightWorks from the rest?

California LightWorks is a company focused on research, design, development and manufacturing of advanced, energy efficient green house lighting and automation equipment.

California Lightworks Solar System LED Grow Light

The vision is to apply the latest advances in high efficiency lighting and controls technology as well as effective manufacturing techniques to deliver highly differentiated products with clear benefits at competitive prices to the greenhouse and indoor horticulture markets.

California LightWorks LED fixtures are energy efficient

The California Lightworks LED Fixtures not only eliminate the need to constantly replace bulbs, they also massively reduce your electricity bill every month. The quality of light is superior to many competitors, resulting in a heavier harvest for less money. Are you interested in increasing profitability? Look no further than California LightWorks.

California LightWorks light spectrums

You are probably aware that your plants have different lighting requirements while vegging and flowering. When you are vegging, use a veg spectrum (blue light), and while you are flowering, use a flowering spectrum (red spectrum).

If you have separate areas for vegging and flowering you can use different lights, but if you only have one grow room or tent, use a full spectrum California LightWorks grow light. Some models even have added UV to increase the spectrum you give your plants, and increasing potency

We also carry California Lightworks Lighting Controller & Accessories, such as the System Lighting Controller.

California LightWorks Grow Tent Kits

Here at Hydrobuilder, we love California LightWorks so much that we use them in some of our grow tent kits. You can shop all our grow tent kits here.

If you want to learn more about California LightWorks, read our Review Of The California Lightworks SolarSystem 550!

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