Twister UltraClean Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Twister UltraClean Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning System


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Twister UltraClean Cut Sheet

Spend Less Time Cleaning & More Time Trimming

Twiter UltraClean is here to provide a better clean with less time and labor. Trimming machines have enabled producers to trim faster with fewer people required. But cleaning has always been a time-consuming process. It takes physical effort to do a quality cleaning job that meets the QA department’s standards and requirements. Not anymore!

The UltraClean allows producers to increase efficiency by a One-Touch Deep Clean. With only one personnel required, the fully automated Siemens touch screen panel does the work for you, including an Automated Lift to help lower and raise the equipment safely out of the tank and self-filtering the organic residue during cycles.

Features of the Twister UltraClean

  • 125G / 470L tank capacity
  • 4KW Ultrasonic Power @ 28KHz
  • Powered lift, 100kg capacity
  • 7” Siemens touch screen panel
  • Full circulation and filtration system, with oil skimmer
  • 304 Stainless Steel interior and exterior shell
  • 2x 304 Stainless Steel cleaning baskets
  • Locking casters for easy mobility
  • 50 micron filter
  • Automated filter change warning
  • Only one operator required!

Available voltage options

  • 208V 3P 60A 60Hz - 15-60P
  • 240V 1P 50A 60Hz - 6-50P

*Plug images at bottom

Twister UltraClean 2 Tumblers

Triple Direction Ultrasonic

Along with full circulation and an onboard filtration system, Twister’s Triple Direction UltraClean technology will ensure that your parts will be cleaned from every angle.

Clean Wtih Just A Simple Touch

Crafted with 304 Stainless Steel inside and out and outfitted with a 7” Siemens touch screen panel, cleaning has never been this easy.

With Room To Spare

With a maximum 125 G (470 L) tank capacity you can fit up to five T2 Tumblers or drop in 1 full T4 Trimmer! It doesn’t stop there, drop in hoses or the Trim Saver Cyclone. So easy, you will want to clean everything!

Decrease Labour Cost

Spend less time cleaning and more time trimming. Adding a Twister UltaClean to your T2 and T4 Systems and keep harvest moving.

Commercial Clean in One-Touch

Cleaning to a commercial standard can take hours and, in many cases, in professional facilities, can easily end up taking up half of the day. The amount you are harvesting, in addition to the number of cultivar changes, will drastically increase the time spent cleaning, which means less time processing.

The Twister UltraClean cleans one trimmer in 15 minutes* versus 120 mins by hand!

Even better, that fifteen minutes is a fully automated self-clean with the Siemens one touch panel. Now you can set the timer and go tackle another task in between cycles.

QA Approved

Consumer health and safety is a top priority in any commercial facility and the equipment used for processing the equipment is quality assured to meet the standards. This level of sanitation and cleaning is not only difficult for a person but often inconsistent between employees. The ultrasonic technology gets the toughest buildup in hard to reach places by creating microscopic bubbles that dislodge buildup from the surface of the equipment.

The added up and down agitation feature increases turbulence and improves the cleaning efficiency: the high heat and Twister UltraClean Solution aids in breaking down stubborn buildup. The UltraClean uses a physical technique, so you don’t have to use harsh, corrosive chemicals that may erode your equipment or cause a health concern.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Place equipment into lift. Enter preferred settings. Ready in 15 minutes.

T4 Trimmer - 3 weeks use


T4 Trimmer - 1 cycle


T4 Trimmer - 2 cycles


Bath Cycle Recommended Lengths

  • Low Buildup/Soil: One – 15 minute cycle with quick wipe down or hose
  • Medium Buildup/Soil: Two – 15 minute cycles with a quick wipe down or hose after each cycle
  • Heavy Buildup/Soil: Two to Four – 30 minute cycles with a wipe down after each cycle and final pressure wash is required

What fits into the UltraClean?

1 Full Twister T4 Trimmer

The entire T4 device can fit. We recommend removing the tumbler and shroud and placing them beside the trimmer, and flipping up the bedknife, for improved cleaning.

Bath What Fits
Combo 1 T4 Trimmer, Tumbler, Shroud & Trim Saver Hose
Combo 2 Trim Saver Cyclone & Trim Bin

The UltraClean is built to fit Twister T2 & T4 products but can also be used for additional products

  1. Metals
  2. Plastics
  3. Glass
  4. We do not recommend for use with products manufactured with mild steel as there is opportunity for corrosion. In the event of use with mild steel, the product should be removed and dried immediately to prevent corrosion.

4 T2 Tumblers, Brushes & Shrouds at Once!

The removable components along with the Trim Saver can go into the UltraSonic tank. A custom T2 rack system holds 4 sets of T2 parts (tumblers, brushes, shrouds) or can be broken down into systems as shown below.

Bath What Fits
Combo 1 4 Tumblers, 4 Brushes, 4 Shrouds
Combo 2 4 Trim Saver Hoses
Combo 3 1 st Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 4 2 nd Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 5 3 rd Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin
Combo 6 4 th Trim Saver Cyclone and Trim Bin

Technical Specifications for the Twister UltraClean

  • Heating 15–75°C (208 Volt): 100 min
  • Heating 15–75°C (240 Volt): 160 min
  • Overall Dimension (Width): 65.35"
  • Overall Dimension (Depth): 42.52"
  • Overall Dimension (Height): 73.23"
  • Tank Inner Size (Width): 39.37"
  • Tank Inner Size (Depth): 22.83"
  • Tank Inner Size (Height): 29.92"
  • Storage Tank Size (Width): 13.78"
  • Storage Tank Size (Depth): 22.83"
  • Storage Tank Size (Height): 23.62"
  • Tank Capacity: 125 Gal/470 Liter
  • Effective Liquid Level: 19.69"
  • Heating Power (1P): 7.5 Watts
  • Heating: 12 Kw
Twister UltraClean Plug Types
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