Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine

Twister BatchOne Dry Trimming Machine

SKU #: 02-10007A

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  • Trimmer Type
  • Production Capability
    88 lbs/hr Dry
  • Operation
  • Feed Type
    Batch Feed
  • Plant Material
  • Voltage
    115 Volt

Introducing The Newest addition to the Twister Trimmer Family

The Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer

Quality & Consistency

The latest addition to the family, the BatchOne Dry Trimmer, a brand new solution for cultivators.

Built with cultivators who prefer dry trimming and a batch style workflow in mind, the brand new BatchOne trimmer offers industry leading throughput and quality trim, all in one mobile unit.

We understand how important your craft is to you which is why we focused on all the little details that matter: producing a great trimmed product, intuitive user experience, simple leaning and no-nonsense portability.

With the ability to trim up to 88 lbs dry per hour, the BatchOne allows you to move through your harvest quickly so you can accelerate your time to market and maximize your return on investment.

Designed with ultrafine saddle adjustments and paired with a ¼ HP motor prevents stalling, unlike competitors, to provide the confidence needed to walk away while achieving the industry’s tightest batch style trim.

Twister BatchOne

Features & Benefits

  • Trims up to 88 lbs/hr Dry
  • Industry's Largest Batch Style Tumbler - 40% Larger than Closest Competitor
  • Load & Unload Product from Both sides - 5 Postion Pivoting
  • Industry Leading Horsepower - 30% Bigger Motor
  • Simple Product Storage - Food Grade, Stackable & Nestable Trim Bins
  • Tighter Trim - Finer Incremental Saddle Adjustments
  • Quick Release Tumbler - Without Needing to Remove & Misplace Fasteners
  • Pressure Washdown Rated - Removable Control Box
  • Easy Tranport - 360 Degree Rotating Caster
  • Fits through standard doors - 32 Inch Width
  • Dont Risk Operation Shutdown - UL & CSA Compliant
  • FDA Compliant - Stainless Steel tumbler & aluminum body
  • Mitigate Stalling - 30% more power than the competition

See how the BatchOne compares to the other Trimming Machines in Twisters line of products.

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Optimize your operation even more by pairing your Trimming Machine with Industrial Grinders, Bucking Machines, or Pre-Roll Filling Machines
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What is different about the BatchOne?

Adjust Saddle Tension

The saddle is really what determines the tighter or looser trim. If the saddle isn't thight enough, you wont get contact between the saddle and the tumbler which is where a majority of the trimming happens. Saddle tension is critical to achieve a close cut trim. The incrementel saddle adjustments paired with the 1/4 HP motor also keeps the trimmer from stalling out.

No blade or bed knife

Not having a helix blade or bed knife means your flower can be even drier with a moisture content in the 8%-10% range. Drier flower has many benefits and is what the BatchOne was designed for!

No vacuum

Since the BatchOne does not use a vacuum, it operates much more silently meaning you can work privately and discretely. The bins used for the trim or food-grade and FDA approved

Inspired by Master Growers

We know that there’s inspired artistry in your work, and hard work in your art. When it comes time to harvest, time is money, and having efficiency in your workflow matters. Processing product at a large scale requires equipment you can rely on that improves your throughput and bottom line. The last thing you want is to babysit a trimming machine when there’s so much else you need to do to create that perfect harvest.

Perfect your Craft

Twister focused on all the little details. Everything from the ease of loading and unloading product from both sides, to a removable control box for simplified wash down and even 360 rotating casters making portability a dream. Need to get through a standard 32″ door, no problem we’ve thought about that too.

It Isn’t Quality If You Compromise

Missing parts, questionable design and manufacturing are not part of your process. You never compromise, and neither should the people who make your tools.

Built with craft cultivators in mind, The BatchOne focuses on being a functional, user-friendly, cost-effective batch trimmer. The quick removal tumbler design makes it simple to clean your tumbler without having to worry about misplacing or dropping bolts. We know storage space is limited, the bins used to capture your trim used for extraction are food-grade, stackable, and nestable to allow for simple storage.

Quality Parts

The Devil’s in the Details

Portability in harvesting is essential as cultivation, processing, and cleaning are often across multiple rooms or areas.

The BatchOne comes with 360 degrees rotating, locking caster wheels for easy maneuverability and stability. Unlike competitors, move through hallways and between doors with ease–the removable control box allows you to fit through standard 32-34” doors. And when it comes time to clean, remove the control box and powerwash without the risk of damaging the electronics.

Quality Design

Return on Investment

The BatchOne Trimming Machine provides its users with new features that increase your return on investment

Lets look an ROI example with test numbers for the BatchOne.

ROI Exmaple

Harvest size is 250 lbs. Harvest once a month for a total of 3,000 lbs. per year


  • Initial Investment - $16,410.00 USD (MSRP)
  • 88 lbs. per hour
  • 704 lbs. per day
  • Operator Cost - 25$/hr
  • Operator Cost after 2.8 hours - $71.02

The BatchOne would take 2.8 hours to go through a harvest of 250 lbs.

Hand Trimmer

  • Initial Investment - $0
  • 0.25 lbs. per hour
  • 2 lbs. per day
  • 200$/lb.
  • Operator Cost included

The hand trimmer would finish 250 lbs. in 1,000 hours

First Harvest Cost

BatchOne Investment + Operator Cost = $16,481.00 USD

Hand Trimmer = $50,000.00 USD

After 1 year of harvest

Total investment for BatchOne = $17,262.00 USD

Cost per lb. - BatchOne = $5.75

Hand Trimming = $600,000.00 USD

Cost per lb. - Hand Trimmer = $200

Save over - $582,000.00 and 12,0000 hours

Actual ROI will vary each operation

BatchOne Side View BatchOne Tumbler Inside


Product Number:02-10007A
Input Voltage:115 Volts, 60Hz
Current (Amps):2.7 Amps
Tumbler Motor:1/4 HP / 200 Watts
Tumbler Speed:21RPM
Tumbler Diameter19.5 in / 49.5 cm
Length: 63 in / 160 cm
Width without control box:31 in / 78.7 cm
Width with control box:34 in / 86.4 cm
Height:48 in / 121.9 cm
Circuit Breaker Required:15 Amps, 120 Volts
Connector (Plug):NEMA 5-15P
Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)614
Prop 65No
Height (in.)59
Width (in.)36
Length (in.)69
Warranty1 Year
Lead TimeShips in 3-5 Business Days
UL ListedNo
Trimmer TypeTumbler
Feed TypeBatch Feed
Plant MaterialDry
Production Capability88 lbs/hr Dry
Tumble Diameter19.5"
Voltage115 Volt

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