Trimpro Automatik: Drive (For Motor)

Trimpro Automatik: Drive (For Motor)

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Automatik: Drive. AC Motor Speed Control
Trimpro Automatik Item #: TPAU

Let the Trimpro Automatik do the job for you! Equipped with a powerful three phase motor mated with a variable speed dimmer, height adjustable four (4) blades assembly and a circular hermetic structure that creates a whirlwind effect, the Trimpro Automatik is the fastest and safest way to trim your plants.

For trimming, separate the fresh flowers from the branches, put them into the upper container of the trimmer and let the Trimpro Automatik do the rest.

The manufacturer does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to or by the trimmers resulting from an inadequate use or assembly. Use the trimmers in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

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Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)5
Prop 65No
Height (in.)10
Width (in.)16
Length (in.)16
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this product ships in 5-10 Business Days
UL ListedNo
Product Q&A

Trimpro Automatik: Drive (For Motor) Questions & Answers

How Do I clean My Trimpro Machine?
Use a plastic scraper to collect the pollen build-up. Do not use a metal scraper as it might scratch the coating on the grate and the blade. Use a cloth with rubbing alcohol to finish cleaning it.

How Do I Clean My Trimpro Bag?
Soak the bag in warm water, rub off the build up. You can also soak it in rubbing alcohol for a short amount of time, rub off the residue and simply pass it through some running water to finish cleaning it.

How Do I Adjust The Height Of My Trimpro Blade?
Blade height adjustment instructions can be found for each machine on their respective instruction sheet.

How Often Should I Sharpen My Trimpro Blade?
Trimpro blades are made of tempered steel which makes them very tough and gives them a great lifespan. It is important for the quality of your manicure to keep them sharp. It is manufacturer recommend to have them sharpened every 6 months to every year (highly depending on usage).

How Do I Sharpen My Trimpro Blade?
Sharpening the blade on Trimpro trimmers is a simple process. The most important part of the process is that you should not remove the blade from the hub to which it is attached! The tempered steel blades are balanced on the aluminum hub, allowing optimal operation of the trimmers. If the blade is separated from the hub there is no guaranty that the assembly will be balanced when you put it back into the machine. Sharpening instructions can be found for each machine on their respective instruction sheet.

How Do I Change The Amount Of Air Suction On My Trimpro Machine?
On every machine (except the Rotor) you can bend the flaps upwards to reduce their angle. This creates less air displacement, thus decreasing the amount of suction. You can bend the flaps downwards to increase their angle. This creates more air displacement thus increasing the amount of suction. *CAUTION: When bending the flaps downwards, make sure the flaps do not hit the metal wire brake line.

How Long Is The Warranty On My Trimpro Machine?
There is one year warranty for defective parts. If you are making a warranty claim, please have in hand the serial number engraved on the underside of the frame of the machine.


Trimpro Automatik: Drive (For Motor) Reviews

Gotta have it
I just replaced the motor in my Trimpro Automatik, and the new 3 phase motor that now ships with all the Automatiks needs this drive to operate. 1. It converts single phase that comes out of your wall into 3 phase that the motor needs to work. This allows for better control of the motor as well as electronic braking of the blades when you open the unit or change the blade speed. It also adds electronic protection to the whole circuit to prevent burning up the $599 motor, (which I did). This is not easy if you are not mechanically inclined and not intuitive. Fortunately, I am a metal fabricator, electrician, and engineer. This took the better part of a day to install correctly, and it still didn't have enough wires to run them correctly so I had to improvise. As I am meticulous, I went to extra precautions to be sure this will work properly for years. Still, it now works flawlessly and is a superior system to the previous generation. Far better solution to spending over 3 grand for a whole new Trimpro unit, but if you are not a good mechanic, have it installed by a professional. Still worth it.