Niwa Grow Hub Automated Grow Room Controller

Niwa Grow Hub Automated Grow Room Controller

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Automate your entire grow room with Niwa Grow Hub

With the all-new Grow Hub, Niwa brings commercial-grade features, such as controlling your plant’s climate (humidity, temperature, and VPD) or automated watering and custom light schedules to the domestic grower at an affordable price.

With the goal of supporting a hassle free and high performance grow, Niwa has developed powerful software that enable growers to automate their setups in a very simple way- just by having users plug their existing devices (such as lamps, fans, extractors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, A/C, pumps, or heaters) to the Niwa Grow Hub.

What comes in the box?

  • Niwa Grow Hub
  • Grow Hub Manual
  • Sensor Modules for Light level, Temperature, Relative Humidity

What Niwa Controls & Monitors


Stop the guesswork and view accurate temperature and humidity levels to make sure your plants survive and thrive!


Plug in any grow light and create all the necessary light schedules you want for your plants.


Manage your different water cycles and make sure your plants are never thirsty!

Niwa Grow Hub

Features & Benefits of Niwa Grow Hub

Outlet Configuration

Every growers setup is unique to their needs and the Niwa Grow Hub allows users to keep their setup and automate at the same time. Growers can configure their Niwa Grow Hub to control up to four of the following devices at the same time:

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Humidifier
  • Dehumidifier
  • Cooler (A/C)
  • Heater
  • Water Pump

Each outlet is capable of handling 10 Amps (resistive load) either at 120 Volts or 240 Volts for a total of 15 Amps MAX. Larger loads can be handled through accessories (not included).

Please Note: The Niwa Grow Hub is capable of handling input/output voltages either 120 Vac or 240 Vac. If you plug your Niwa into a 120 Vac wall outlet all the four outputs will be 120 Vac, if you connect it to a 240 Vac wall outlet all the four outputs will be 240 Vac. The most common household voltage in the United States and Canada is 120 Volt, however, some growers might have access to a 240 Volt grid. If that’s the case, please make sure all your devices work with 240 Volts.

Live Dashbaord

For those moments when growers are concerned about what’s going on in their garden, there is no need to worry anymore! With the Niwa Grow Hub app, growers can now check the current status of their garden by glancing at their live dashboard, anytime, anywhere, and in a secure way.

Live Dashbaord

Grow Recipes

Grow Recipes

Once the Niwa Grow Hub app is up and running, growers can either pick one of the existing Niwa grow recipes or create one themselves. It is at this step, when creating a grow recipe, growers can begin to customize the ideal environment they’re seeking and the different schedules wanted for their plants. Environmental settings such as VPD, temperature, humidity along with watering and light schedules are all completely customizable, so growers have optimal control over their plants.

Recipe Stages

Plants have different needs in terms of their climate, lighting schedule, and how much water is required at different times of the day. Creating a grow recipe within the Niwa Grow Hub app allows for several stages to define the different parameters needed for each stage of a plant. To continue building out a grow recipe, growers need to select the “next stage” button in order to customize their setting per stage within the plant’s growth cycle.

Recipe Stages



Logging & measuring the different parameters affecting the success of a crop is fundamental in order to achieve maximum performance. The Grow Hub has a built-in datalogger accessible from our app anytime where you can view historical data in the ‘stats’ section and get insight to how your plants are doing and what is affecting them.

Notifications & Alarms

Having alarms and notifications will allow growers to determine the temperature and humidity thresholds important for them and alert growers when their lamp is performing poorly and also for when one of the sensors is having an issue.

Notifications & Alarms
Notifications & Alarms


The Niwa Grow Hub incorporates the reliable WiFi 2.4Ghz standard to guarantee growers' access to their plants from anywhere, at any time. Also, Niwa has built strict security protocols into their software to guarantee absolute privacy and protection.

Automation in Minutes

Building a setup capable of monitoring and automatically controlling growing equipment simultaneously is often difficult as it will require different devices such as temperature, humidity, or ventilation controllers and monitors, which adds cost and complexity. The Niwa Grow Hub combines all the control of multiple pieces of grow equipment into one single device and app, easing plant management and reducing the risk of making mistakes at an affordable cost.


Monitoring is important to avoid fatal mistakes and earn maximum yield. But it is not enough. If your setup cannot automatically control the lamps or operate the different equipment to automatically correct a risky situation such as excess of temperature when your monitor warns you, it may be too late. The Niwa Grow Hub closes the control loop for your peace of mind.

Over-The-Air Firmware

The Niwa Grow Hub is enabled with Over-The-Air Firmware and app updates that guarantee the latest features are instantly accessible to all growers. On top of that, the Niwa Grow Hub is fitted with the Niwa Grownet standard that will connect growers with the next generation of Niwa Grow devices effortlessly and wirelessly.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)2
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-4 Business Days
Length (in.)13.8
Width (in.)4.3
Height (in.)2.8
Warranty1 Year
Prop 65No
Controller FunctionsTemperature Control, Humidity Control, Ventilation Control, Lighting Control, Temp & Humidity Monitors
Amps15 Amps
Voltage120/240 Volts
Power Cord Length10 ft.
UL ListedNo
Product Q&A

Niwa Grow Hub Automated Grow Room Controller Questions & Answers

Q: What is the Niwa Grow Hub?

A: The Niwa Grow Hub is a value-added smart system that supports the needs for all types of growers, no matter what level of experience they have. From the beginner grower who is just starting out and will automate only their lamps to experienced growers looking for the optimum climate for their grow room. Thanks to its flexibility, the grower can scale its grow setup in search of the optimum performance, adding more equipment (humidifiers, ACs, fans…) without the need of adding new controllers and complexity. The Grow Hub is for everyone!

Q: What can you measure with the Niwa Grow Hub?

A: The Niwa Grow Hub can measure relative humidity, temperature, and light levels. Our team is working on adding different sensors so you can measure even more. Stay tuned!

Q: What can you Control with the Niwa Grow Hub?

A: The different pieces of equipment you can control with the Niwa Grow Hub are, but not limited to, lamps, fans, watering pumps, heaters, A/C systems, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Do not connect any external equipment into the USB port for it is only for the sensor module.

Q: What is the max amerage/watts you can use?

A: The maximum watts the Niwa Grow Hub can use directly, without any adapters or converters, is 15 amps which is approximately 1,800 watts. This limit is for the Niwa Grow Hub for we are developing other connected products for the Niwa Grow Hub.

Q: What kind of WiFi do I need?

A: You need 802.11b/g/n WiFi (2.4 GHz) with WEP, WPA or WPA2 security.

Q: What is the recommended LED wattage to use per Niwa Grow Hub

A: The Niwa Grow Hub can handle resistive loads up to 10A per outlet and 15A max in total for all four outlets. Make sure you don’t exceed these loads. Some LED grow lamps have very high inrush currents, so please take this into consideration. Ask the Niwa support team if you are not sure or you don’t understand.

Q: What is needed to get going with the Niwa Grow Hub

A: You just need the Niwa Grow Hub, a reliable 2G WiFi network and a smartphone.

Q: What accessories can I use with the Niwa Grow Hub to maximise my amperage above the 15 amps and/or add more lights?

A: If you want to use the Niwa Grow Hub above the allotted amperage of 15A, you can manage lamp controllers such as the Titan Controls Helios or the AutoPilot 4-Light HID Controller that are triggered externally. There are different types of lamp controllers and external controllers, so if you have a question before using one with the Niwa Grow Hub, please send a note to You can also use external contactor relays that would be triggered by the Niwa Grow Hub, but this requires electrical knowledge.


Niwa Grow Hub Automated Grow Room Controller Reviews

good for my tent kit
controls my few pieces of equipment perfectly

Awesome product, the best support/customer service
What a great product. Very helpful for monitoring the garden. The support and customer service Niwa provides is out of this world. I was having problems connecting the hub to my WiFi. I got frustrated and wanted to return the hub. They agreed to take it back and refund my money. Then Niwa started reaching out to me offering help. I was stubborn at first. Then one of the founders of Niwa reached out to me offering help. I softened up a little and waiting over the holiday weekend for their help. Tuesday morning they called and walked me through the setup of their amazing product. Great product, great support, great customer service. I will be buying two more as gifts for my buddies.
Thank you Niwa

helped manage my tent conditions better
much easier to coordinate the fan, dehumidifier and light in my tent setup

Growing on a budget
There are so many options, and some are not for everyone, but for someone just getting started in growing down here in the south, this little controller helped save some time for sure. Customer service was even better so keep rockin out guys! Looking forward to all the new features!

perfect for my tent new tent kit
I'm running a fan, heater, light, and mini humidifier and it works flawlessly! Fast shipping and the hydrobuilder rep was super nice and helped me choose my kit and all accessories. will be coming back to order more in the future

Connected 24/7
It was so nice to find a product where I can view what is going on in my grow tent and I can leave without being paranoid. There are some additional functions I am looking forward to seeing. What a good value for the price!

Great value
In a few days of use the Niwa has saved tons of headaches. I got my lamp, fan and dehumidifier all automated finally. I created my own recipe and now I can check what's going on on my tent anytime anywhere!