LuxStar Fluorescent T5 Grow Light

LuxStar Fluorescent T5 Grow Light


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LuxStar Brand Product
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Fluorescent Lighting from LuxStar

LuxStar has plenty of fluorescent T5 lighting fixtures to choose from. These fixtures emit significantly less heat than other reflectors so they can be placed closer to the tops of plants, giving them that much more light!

The LuxStar T5s use high-efficiency digital ballasts and high-output bulbs to create the most efficient light source. They also feature dual power switches so you have the option of dimming the fixture by 50%.

Why use Fluorescent Grow Lights?

Fluorescent tubes are great for growers that want a higher intensity light compared to CFLs, but can’t afford the height & investment requirement that other lights require.

Fluorescent Grow Lights are great for the vegetative stage of growth and Cloning and Propagation and can be placed much closer to the canopy of your plants.

Color temperature has a strong influence over plants and different temperatures will affect plants in different ways. A blue or bright white found in the temperature range of 5000K is recommended for plants in the vegetative stage as it keeps them short and bushy.

These Grow Light Fixtures come with either 3000K Bulbs for the flowering stage and 6500K Bulbs for the vegetative stage.

Fixture Options:

  • 2 ft. fixture with 2 Bulbs - 23"L x 6.1"W x 2.25"H
  • 2 ft. fixture with 4 Bulbs - 23"L x 12.2"W x 2.25"H
  • 4 ft. fixture with 4 Bulbs - 47''L x 12.2''W x 2.25''H
  • 4 ft. fixture with 6 Bulbs - 47''L x 18.5''W x 2.25''H
  • 4 ft. fixture with 8 Bulbs - 47''L x 24''W x 2.25''H
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