Light Rail 5.0 Commercial Drive Kit

Light Rail 5.0 Commercial Drive Kit

Light Rail Brand Product

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The LightRail 5.0 can move multiple crossbars with each crossbar allowing lights to travel side by side, and it has a zero to sixty second adjustable time delay for pausing the lamp at the end of each run. The time delay helps promote even growth from end to end and allows for equal light-time for the entire run. From itstriple duty extruded aluminum track,wide and stable carriage withsteel -on-steel carrier bearings to the high torque 4rpm instrument grade drive motor with ball bearing output shaft andsure grip dual drive design, LightRail 5.0 is more than capable of moving 2 or 3 lights side by side or fore and aft per cross bar.

LightRail 5.0 will move any light/ any hood, multiple sizes and weights and is a scalable system that can move up to 9 lights (or 6 lights to accommodate larger reflectors) with a single Motor.

LightRail 5.0 comes with a LR5 Drive Motor, crossbar, instructions, mounting hardware and a 2-piece 8 foot rail so it's long enough and ready for an extra Light Rail 5 Add-A-Bar Kit.

  • Easy Installation
  • Solidly Constructed
  • Scalable and Customizable
  • Self clutch Drive design, with no sprockets or chains
  • Solid State Advanced Controls fully integrated digital circuitry designed with a built in 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay helping to promote even plant growth end to end.
  • LimitedLifetime Warranty
  • Fully expandable to accommodate and move up to 9 lights,
  • Runs on Only 5.5 Watts
  • Able to carry 100 pounds per arm
  • Made in the USA

Looking for parts and accessories for your Light Rail 5.0? Click here to find parts and accessories for your Light Rail 5.0.

Note: With LightRail 5.0, perfect balance is key and vent tubing can play havoc with that. We recommend that if you do have vented hoods, you use LightRail 3.5 or LightRail 4.0.

Did you know_ Stationary lighting only shines light on the parts of leaves that are directly beneath it, which can cause limited growth and even damage to the plant similar to sunburn. LightRail solves this problem by moving over the tops of plants, so that the leaves get light at different angles, activating photosynthesis on parts of the plant that would not normally receive much light with a stationary system.

With stationary light, light energy can also be lost because it cannot diversify itself in order to allow your plant to absorb it at the optimum levels. LightRail shines the correct intensity of light on the leaves for 40% of the photoperiod. This allows the plant to reach optimum Leaf Area Index, the most important factor in increasing yield. Also, by moving your light, you can now safely get your light closer to your plants for a more efficient use of the wattage available.

LightRail is the single best way to maximize your light set up. Solidly made in the USA since 1986, LightRail 5.0 is the light mover of choice with an instrument grade drive motor that runs on only 5.5 watts, digital control circuitry, heavy duty ball bearing carrier wheels and a self-clutch drive design with automatic traction control. Manufactured by Gualala Robotics, LightRail has all the electrical certifications (C CSA US and CE) and flammability ratings (UL 5 VB) and is RoHS compliant. LightRail 5.0 has a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty, runs at a safe 28-42 degrees C with a flame retardant electrical enclosure, as it should be, while imitator light movers run as hot as 107 C (170 F) and their electrical enclosures are likely made of flammable plastic. Without quality, there is no value and if it does not say Gualala Robotics, it is not a LightRail.

Tech Specs


BrandLight Rail
Weight (lb.)18.85
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 2 weeks
Prop 65No
Height (in.)6.1
Width (in.)7.75
Length (in.)50.25
UL ListedNo
Weight CapacityUp to 100 Lbs.

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Product Q&A

Light Rail 5.0 Commercial Drive Kit Questions & Answers

How much weight will LightRail Carrry?

LightRail 5.0 will hold and move 100 lbs (45kgs) per cross arm (limit 3 cross arms) but again, needs to be mounted to a structure properly. Note: The greater the weight, the more frequently trolley wheels will need to be replaced. Trolley wheel kits are available for LightRail 3.5, 4.0 and the older 3.0, but for LightRail 5.0 needs LightRail must be contacted for any serviceable work and they make that easy and with a quick turnaround time.

How long is the crossbar on the Light Rail 5.0?
The Light Rail 5.0 crossbar can be adjusted to three different settings - 81", 87", or 93"

How many lights can the Light Rail 5.0?
The Light Rail 5.0 can move 9 smaller hoods or 6 larger hoods and that’s with a total of three crossbars (one comes with the kit) and an auxiliary rail.


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Light rail
Better then expected

Light rail
Better then expected

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