Grow Room Intake Filters

Grow room intake filters should be implemented in every indoor garden. Your goal is to generate the healthiest plants with the highest yields possible. To achieve this, you need to ensure your plants are growing in a room with clean air!

What is a grow room intake filter?

The intake filter is an essential component of the ventilation system. The intake fan is responsible for bringing in fresh air, and the filter attaches to the fan.

It is important that you are replacing the air in your growing space every 1-3 minutes, and while your exhaust filter removes hot, smelly air, the intake filter brings in new air.

Why use an intake filter in your growing space?

You could get away with just using an intake fan to bring in clean air, but you would be putting your plants at risk.

The intake filter prevents pests and contaminants from entering the growing space. When we bring in clean air through the intake system, we are risking bringing in insects, bacteria, and harmful compounds. The HEPA or carbon filter you use will prevent these from entering your grow room environment.

When should I replace my intake filter?

Every filter will be different, and yours will probably come with a guideline for how long it should last. Some filters can last a few months, whereas some can last over a year. The quality of your filter should be an important consideration when purchasing. To improve the longevity of your intake filter, regularly replace intake pre-filters

Types of grow room intake filters

There are a few different types of intake filters you can use in your growing space, with each having a specific purpose.

If your goal is contaminant prevention, your best options will be the HEPA and carbon intake filters. The HEPA filter may be superior when it comes to scrubbing the air of contaminants. An exceptional ventilation system will have a HEPA intake filter, and a carbon exhaust filter.

Intake fan and filter kits

If you want to make things easy on yourself and set up an incredibly effective ventilation system, consider one of our HEPA filter and fan intake kits. These include the HEPA intake filter, inline fan, fan speed controller, and ducting.

Pair one of these with an Carbon filter and fan exhaust kits, and you cannot go wrong!

If you have any questions regarding intake systems or ventilation components, give our expert growing staff a call today at 888-815-9763!

If you want to learn more about your ventilation system, stop by our learning center and check out our full guide on grow room ventilation!


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