General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar

General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar

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Diamond Nectar supercharges your nutrients in order to optimize the health and vigor of your plants!

Despite the low level of nutrients found in natural soil-based environments, plant growth nevertheless occurs because humic acids channel available nutrients directly into nearby vegetation. By accelerating nutrient absorption at the root boundary zone where minerals enter the plant, humic acids optimize nutrient uptake in fast growing plants.

Diamond Nectar® applies the magic of humic acids to nutrient rich hydroponic environments by grabbing these nutrient minerals and transporting them into plant roots for faster growth and higher yields. Diamond Nectar supercharges your nutrients in order to optimize the health of your plants and the quality of your crops.

Diamond Nectar® accelerates nutrient absorption into plant roots through a natural process called mineral chelation. Low molecular weight humic acids, also called ‘Fulvic’ acids, grab immobile & molecularly heavy minerals & transport them into plant tissues for faster growth & bigger yields.

Diamond Nectar® is extracted from naturally mined Leonardite with a high profile of low molecular weight humic acids. It is pH buffered in the range for best plant growth: 5.8 to 6.2. You will find that you can grow with milder strength nutrients and see superior results when adding Diamond Nectar® Can be used for all plants in prepared soil/soilless mixes, coco blends & hydroponics.


General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar Reviews

General, But Awesome
Grown with these for years with great success. Very generic for many different types of plants, adapts well to soil or hydroponic but with sensitive plants had to adjust strengths significantly lower in hydroponic systems. I believe these to be a good system for beginners and then add to as growers get comfortable with their skills. Great product overall!

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