Down To Earth Bat Guano 7-3-1

Down To Earth Bat Guano 7-3-1


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Down To Earth Bat Guano 7-3-1 SDS

Down To Earth™ Bat Guano 7-3-1 is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potash and provides essential plant nutrition for vigorous vegetative growth and prolific fruit and flower development. DTE™ Bat Guano 7-3-1 is highly effective mixed into soils, applied as a side dress or steeped to make a potent guano tea or foliar spray.

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Down To Earth Bat Guano 7-3-1 Questions & Answers

Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds:

To prepare new gardens, apply 1-2 lbs per 100 square feet and thoroughly mix into the top 3″ of garden soil. For new transplants, add 1 tsp per hole, mix into soil and water in well. To feed established plants, side dress 1-2 tsp, depending on size of plant and desired growth rate, once each month during the growing season.

Outdoor Containers:

For new plantings, add 1-2 tsp per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly OR add 2.5-5 lbs per cubic yard. To feed established plants, lightly mix 1 tsp per gallon into the soil surface once each month during the growing season.

Liquid Preparations:

Add 1-2 tbsp per gallon of water and let steep up to 48 hours, agitating periodically. Apply the solution directly to the soil around plants or and apply as a foliar spray. Be sure to use all of the solution once it is prepared.

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