Cultured Solutions UC Roots

Cultured Solutions UC Roots

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Cultured Solutions Nutrient Feedling Schedule

Cultured Solutions™ was formulated specifically for high performance water culture applications such as our Under Current™, so as to maximize production and yields while minimizing the waste and excess often associated with hydroponics cultivation. Our well balanced, extremely concentrated mineral nutrient enables plants to thrive at relatively low concentrations, while maintaining unparalleled performance and quality.

Cultured Solutions™ potent formulation provides US growers with a premium plant nutrient without incurring the large carbon footprint associated with importing foreign nutrient lines. With high quality mineral inputs, pure Sierra Nevada water and exceptional chemistry, Current Culture H2O™ has created a Premium Plant Nutrient. It's our innovation, horticultural expertise and commitment to excellence that's enabled us to formulate and blend the best nutrient line in the world...right here in California!

UC ROOTS is a multipurpose root zone optimizer that uses proprietary chemistry to aid in mineral descaling and the removal of potentially harmful biofilms in nutrient reservoirs. By reducing the potential habitat for plant pathogens, UC ROOTS has been shown to aid in root development.

    Root Zone Optimizer:
  • Reduces Mineral Build-Up
  • Liquid Crop Insurance
  • Highly Concentrated

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    Weekly Treatment for Hydroponics System/Reservoir:
  • Add 1-3mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of nutrient solution every 5- 7 days if nutrient temps are below 68°F or every 1-3 days if nutrient temps exceed 76° F.

  • Periodic and Final Nutrient Flush:
  • Periodic: Add 5-7mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of water and continue to irrigate as normal. Continue this process for 12-24 hrs. then drain away solution and mix new nutrient.
  • Final: Add 5-7mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of water and continue to irrigate as normal. Continue this process for the last 3-5 days of fruiting/blooming cycle.

  • Cloning /Propagation:
  • Add 5-10mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of fresh water at the beginning of the cloning/propagation process.
  • Cuttings may be dipped or fully immersed in 25-30mL of UCROOTS per gallon of water for 20-30 seconds, then apply cloning gels or rooting powders.

  • Hydroponic System/Reservoir Cleaning (Without Plants):
  • Add 30mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of water. Circulate for 1-24 hours then drain the system/reservoir.

  • To Clean Used Media:
  • Soak overnight in 30mL of UC ROOTS per gallon of water. This will clean and help prepare media for reuse and is suitable for clay pebbles, coconut fiber, rockwool , etc. that are not excessively degraded or contaminated.

UC ROOTS is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Rockwool, NFT, DWC, RDWC, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate based DTW applications.


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  • HOW IS UC ROOTS DIFFERENT THAN H2O2 OR DUTCH MASTER? UC Roots is the only one that is Organic / OMRI approved. From a personal health and safety perspective it is the only product that does not require protective clothing and is safe to get on your skin, inhale or drink (when diluted).
    With H202 you dont want to get anything wrong
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    Great product!
    Works great in the under currents

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