Covert Ventilation and Odor Control Kit

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Covert Ventilation and Odor Control Kit

Covert Brand Product
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The Perfect Filter Solution - Covert Carbon Filters

Covert Carbon Filters are the solution to effectively remove unwanted odors and smells from your garden.

Perfect for use in grow tents, grow rooms or any enclosed grow to remove odor and improve the quality of the air. Covert Carbon Filters will purify and filter out any unwanted molds, spores, dust, pollen, odors and any other particles that can have adverse effects on your plants.

Cover Carbon Filters are designed with a 50mm thick bed of low density virgin activated coal carbon that is precisely packed for even airflow, while maximizing the surface area of carbon to more easily hold on and absorb odor particles.

Constructed with lightweight stainless steel mesh exterior that forces the air to evenly enter the packed carbon bed for a consistent long lasting performance (12-18 months).

Covert Inline

Activated carbon filters are the best way to eliminate most VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), gasses, and odors from the air. Combined with a fan in a ventilation system, 99.9% of noxious odors can be trapped inside the filter for good.

Through adsorption, activated carbon literally traps the carbon-based contaminants in the air that could harm you and keep them locked tight inside the filter. Using activated carbon ensures optimal pore structure and that the pathways the air travels through the filter are optimal, so that the maximum amount of contaminant becomes trapped in the filter and does not escape into the air.


  • Machine packed activated virgin carbon allows for maximum air scrubbing
  • Highly effective, low density virgin carbon
  • 50mm carbon bed ensures all air is cleaned
  • Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow
  • Built-in flange
  • Includes pre-filter for prolonged filter life
  • Lightweight construction allows for easy hanging
  • No maintenance required
  • Long life span (12-18 months)

All Covert Filters come with a reusable pre-filter that will filter out the large particles before they enter the carbon bed which significantly extends the life of the virgin activated carbon.

Covert Filters have a built-on flange that is easy to attach to ducting or an inline fan. The lightweight and compact design makes for easy hanging and saves space.

Need to learn more about odor control for your garden?
Check out this article on - Grow Room Odor Control

Included Products:

  • Covert Carbon Filter - View here
  • Carbon Filter Hanging Straps
  • Gale Force Inline Fan - View here
  • Variable Fan Speed Controller
  • Silver/Black Flex Ducting
  • Ducting Clamps

Our learning center has several articles to help with whatever you need

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These resources will help you with everything from setting up and installing your carbon filter to recommneded ventilation configurations to help you get the most out of your garden.

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Vent Kit

Grow light, light hangers, and clip fans not included

Here you can see the kit with many of the included produts highlighted. This is an ideal ventilation setup as both the carbon filter and the inline fan are within the tent.

How to hang your Covert Carbon Filter

Once you have your Covert Filter, you still need to ensure that it gets set up properly for maximum efficiency.

We've done our best to provide all the learning resources you may require in our Learning Center on how to properly install your Covert Carbon Filter.

This article - Grow Tent Setup Guide - goes over the entire process of setting up your grow tent. At Step 4 & Step 5 in this article we highlight different ventilation setup methods and what we prefer as well as every step required to properly install your filter.

Installing the filter
Hanging the filter

Special Ventilation Setups

Air-Cooled Lighting

Air-cooled HID light fixtures have duct flanges you can easily connect a fan and ducting to. You can see an example setup in the diagram to the right. This setup pulls air through the carbon filter, then through the light fixture and finally out of the tent.

A great upgrade for air-cooled lighting is to use a separate in-line fan just for the lighting ventilation. This will make both your light cooling and your carbon filter work more efficiently.

Great information can be found here
Grow Room Atmosphere & Ventilation

Closed Loop CO2 Ventilation

When using CO2 producing equipment inside of a tent, you want to avoid allowing that CO2 to exhaust from the tent. Therefore you want a “closed loop” system which will filter the air of odors by recirculating the air in the tent through a fan and filter. It is recommended to utilize LED or aircooled lighting to avoid heat buildup in the tent. Air conditioning is recommended for larger tents using CO2

Using CO2 for a grow tent is a more advanced technique. If you want to leanrn more about CO2 for growing we have a great article here
CO2 for Grow Tents

Ventilation Setup 1
Ventilation Setup 2
Ventilation Setup 3
Ventilation Setup 4

These images showcase different combinations of ventilation setups and how it might look in a tent of your own. There are tons of different methods to experiment with in your grow tent to get the most out of your garden every time you grow!

We want you to get the most out of your grow and knowledge is power! It is encouraged to check out this article on Indoor Grow Room & Grow Tent Ventilation Setup Tips. We've compiled all the essential information on ventilation here so that every grow room/tent, big or small, has been properly setup to achieve the best results possible.

Covert Carbon Filters come in 3 sizes

Size:Covert 4" x 12"
Flange:4 in.
Grow Tent Sizes:2' x 2'
2' x 4'
3' x 3'
Covert 6" x 20"Covert 8" x 24"
6 in.8 in.
450 CFM750 CFM
4' x 4'
4' x 8'
5' x 5
8' x 8'
10' x 10'

Covert Ventilation and Odor Control Kit Reviews

Hot Summer
Global warming is happening. the hottest year in the last 30 years in my area is this summer. My older amazon shitty vent kit broke last week, so I got this and hooked it up and works perfectly. Pretty quiet, very powerful and the filter is reducing the smell in my house already!

just what i needed
works great removing the hot and stuffy air. I noticed my plant growing better the next day after setting this up. I also dont smell my plants nearly as much, works great!

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