Triminator is an industry leader in reducing the stress and timetable of harvest with bud trimming machines and rosin presses.

Triminator Company History

Triminator® began when several Northern California growers approached them about developing a machine that could handle commercial volumes, yet still provide a beautiful trim, they were up for the challenge. Triminator is family owned and built on strong values.

Triminator bud and leaf trimming machine

Drawing on over 30 years of experience engineering woodworking and forestry tools, their founder designed a big flower trimming machine to increase processing speed with a patented trimming system to provide a precise and beautiful trim.

After hundreds of hours of testing, growers were so impressed with the machine’s mechanical precision and raw speed they affectionately named it the Triminator®. It was built for maximum efficiency and finished with details that make every grower’s life a little easier.

Triminator Trimming Machines

Triminator's flagship product line is in its name: trimming machines. They specialize in manufacturing high quality bud and leaf trimming machines for hobby and commercial growers. They have a trimmer for every size operation.

They have dry trimmers and wet trimmers, so you can trim however best suits your situation.

We also carry Trimming Machine Parts for your Triminator machines.

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If you want to see some other great options for trimming your buds come harvest, check out our review of the best trimming machines of 2018-2019.

Triminator Bucking Machines & De-Stemmers

Before you can start trimming, you need to get your buds off their branches. You can do this manually if you don't mind the hand cramps and weeks of work (depending on how many plants you harvest), or you can use a bucking machine like the ones Triminator offers.

A bucking machine allows you to remove buds from their branches and stems incredibly quickly. Any medium to large scale harvest should be using one to maximize efficiency and profit.

If you are unfamiliar with bucking machines or want to see our favorites, check out our Top Bucking Machines of 2018

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Triminator Rosin Presses

Branching out into other aspects of harvest, Triminator also supplies rosin presses. Use their 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press to extract a lot of rosin in a short time frame. These rosin presses are incredibly efficient, generating a high yield per input.

We also carry rosin press pumps and rosin bags and parts to help you extract the most potent rosin possible!

Learn more about post harvest extractions here.

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