Futurola Shredder

Futurola Shredder

Futurola Brand Product
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The New Futurola Shredders easily shreds pounds of product in seconds. It was designed for even and consistent filling of the Futurola's Knockbox.

The adjustable timer goes from 0 to 15 seconds. The tunnel is manufactured from food grade 304 stainless steel and the whips are made with food grade nylon. Also features rubber tires and uses 120 volts (normal wall outlet) for easy operation anywhere. Made in USA. Comes with one year warranty through manufacturer.

To secure product inside the shredder, the machine is designed with a plexigas lid with a magnetic closure. Pair this with Futurola Knockbox 3 and you can fill up to 100 cones in 2 minutes.

Features & Benefits of the Futurola Shredders

  • Made in USA
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Digital Timer
  • Food-Grade Stainless Steel #304 Barrel
  • Plexiglas Lid With Magnetic Closure
  • Removable Pin For Loading & Unloading

The Futurola Super Mini, Super & Super Mega models come with the added benefit of catching/sifting stems with the Futurola Super Shredder Screen Barrel . These allow you to de-stem material ran through the Futurola Super Shredders for better filtering of larger stems or crows feet left over from shredding.

  • 4mm Screen Barrel - Included with Super Shredder
  • 1.9mm Screen Barrel - Optional for filtering finer material

Operating Instruction:

  1. Remove Pin & Lid
  2. Rotate Barrel Upright to Load Mix
  3. Repace Pin & Lid
  4. Plug In Shredder After Loading Mix*
  5. Press Set on Timer to Exit Standby Mode
  6. Modify Time Interval with Up & Down Buttons
  7. Press Set Again to Run Shredder
  8. Unplug Shredder Before Unloading Mix*
  9. Position Mix Container Beneath Shredder
  10. Remove Pin & Lid
  11. Rotate Barrel Down to Unload Mix

*Always unplug shredder before loading/unloading mix and when not in use.


  • Periodically dust Barrel & Motor with canned air
  • Use amonia-free cleaner on Lid
  • Cleanse Barrel with alcohol before storage
Futurola Shredder Diagram

Specifications for the Futurola Shredders

Model Throughput Height
Mini 0.7 lbs. in 7 seconds 27 in.
Super Mini 0.7 lbs. in 7 seconds 27 in.
Original 3 lbs. in 2 seconds 50 in.
Super with Sifter 3 lbs. in 7 seconds 45 in.
Mega 5 lbs. in 7 seconds 52 in.
Mega Plus* 7 lbs. in 7 seconds 55 in.
Super Mega with Sifter 5 lbs. in 7 seconds 50 in.

*Speacial Order only

Product Q&A

Futurola Shredder Questions & Answers

What are the Futurola Dutch Brown & Classic White cones made of?
Both papers are made from the same natural materials, but our Dutch Brown paper is unrefined. We have simply left out a refining step that removes the brown filaments from our white paper.

Why should I choose Futurola Rolling Papers?
Our exclusive ultra-thin rolling paper is refined in France without any chemical additives. This maintains its distinctive color and taste. We use all organic gum arabic & FSC certified paper Filter Tips.

Why are Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones the only Knockbox-compatible cones?
Our Pre-Rolled Cones are hand rolled to perfection using our exclusive ultra-thin Rolling Papers with organic gum arabic. The crown, or opening, of each cone is crafted to be consistently circular in shape, and each cone size is customized to fit impeccably in its respective Filling Kit.

What are Storage Tubes used for?
Our self-extinguishing Storage Tubes help keep your pre-rolls fresh. In the coffee shops of Amsterdam, they are also used to color code menus.

Why is it better to fold the opening of my cone into a Dutch Crown rather than twisting it?
Twisting the crown leads to uneven burning. Folding the Dutch Crown creates a flat surface which is optimal for igniting a smooth, even burn.

What happens if I break my Roller?
This is incredibly rare, but things happen! We understand the struggle, so we offer replacement parts for the mat and pins.


Futurola Shredder Reviews

A Must Have For Dispensary
With how many cones we blow through each week at our dispensary, I could never go back to the manual process. This works great to get the consistency that is perfect for filling with the knock box.

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