Botanicare ReadyGro Moisture Formula Coco-Based Soilless Mix

Botanicare ReadyGro Moisture Formula Coco-Based Soilless Mix


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ReadyGro Moisture

Readygro Moisture is a blend of our premium Cocogro coir and perlite at an approximate 80% / 20% ratio plus natural and organic-based ingredients.

The Moisture blend provides plants with more moisture retention for less frequent waterings, as compared to our Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Formula, which is perfect for frequent automated watering programs.

The combination of premium coir and perlite provides your roots with an optimal air to water ratio, for superior growth rates and yields.

The Moisture formula is designed for outdoor use, hand watering, and less frequent watering programs. It contains more coir fiber for enhanced moisture retention and to better anchor larger plants. Readygro Moisture formula performs well in both indoor and outdoor environments. The ideal ratio of coco to perlite helps retain water but also protects plants from overwatering.

  • Moisture retentive for less frequent watering programs
  • Very low salt content.
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Natural and organic-based inputs.
  • High cation exchange rate which is essential to the media’s ability to hold nutrients.
  • Hydrated with yucca extract as a natural wetting agent.

Soilless media may require fertilization from transplant. For best results use Botanicare Nutrients & Supplements

**Please note this product has specific options depending on your region. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to give us a call!**

Product Q&A

Botanicare ReadyGro Moisture Formula Coco-Based Soilless Mix Questions & Answers

Q: What are the differences between the Moisture and Aeration formulas? What is the amount of perlite in each?
A: Readygro Aeration formula contains a ratio of 55% Coco Coir to 45% Perlite. Readygro Moisture formula contains a ratio of 80% Coco Coir to 20% Perlite.

Q: Is there anything else in Readygro besides coconut coir and perlite?
A: Readygro also contains worm castings, humic acid, seaweed powder, and yucca extract. These inputs occur in trace amounts meant to buffer and condition the media, and do not provide a major food source for plant growth.

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