Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH

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Everything you need to clean, hydrate and calibrate pH probes.

The instrument is only as accurate as the probe is clean. Accurate readings simplify crop management and provide improved growth.

Probe cleaning and correctly storing pH probes ensures you get the most accurate readings possible and will maximize the life of a probe.

The probe surface is where the instrument takes the reading of the solution or soil/media. If the probe face is dirty or contaminated, the readings may be inaccurate. Much like the windshield of a car, if it's dirty you can't see out! If the probe face is dirty, it cannot read the solution or soil accurately.

pH probes specifically, should be kept wet at all times for optimal performance and life.

You can re-stock your probe care kit with bottles of Bluelab Solutions.

Kit Contents:

  • Probe care instructions
  • 20ml single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets, 2 each of: pH 7.0 & pH 4.0, KCl.
  • 3x plastic cups
  • Bluelab pH Probe Cleaner
  • Bluelab Toothbrush (pH probe cleaning instrument)
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Product Q&A

Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH Questions & Answers

My pH readings are inaccurate, why?

Possible Reasons:

  • Contaminated pH probe (probe dirty)
  • Incorrect calibration of pH probe
  • Broken glass bulb in pH probe
  • Broken stem or connector in pH probe

Possible Solutions:

  • Clean pH probe as described in cleaning instructions
  • Hydrate the pH probe in KCl storage solution
  • Ensure calibration solutions are fresh and accurate (replace if in doubt)
  • Wait longer for readings to stabilize before calibrating
  • Check the pH probe for damage. If damaged, replace.

When should I hydrate my pH pen or pH probe?

The Bluelab pH Pen needs to be "hydrated" for 24 hours before the first use, and each month after cleaning and before calibrating. Each week, you'll need to add 3 to 5 drops of KCl storage solution to the wetting seal (round hole) of the storage cap.

Bluelab Soil pH Pens, pH Probes or Soil pH Probes should be hydrated each month after cleaning and before calibrating.

Each month think: Clean, hydrate, calibrate. This will optimize the performance and life of your pH probe or pen.

If the pH pen or pH probe has accidentally been allowed to dry out, hydrate for 24 hours in KCl storage solution.


Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH Reviews

Worth Every Penny!
Why spend $80 on a new probe when you can spend $20 and extend the life of that probe! J was about to go buy a new probe when I saw this kit gave it a quick wash and she's reading like new again!! Hydrobuilder came in Super Clutch with the delivery time, about 3 business days with regular ground shipping I was PH ready for my next Res change!