Azera Gardening Insecticide is no longer available

Azera Gardening Insecticide is no longer available


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Azera Gardening Product Documents

Azera Garden Safety Sheet

Azera Insecticide is a premium organic insecticide product with multiple modes of action that provide excellent control of the hardest-to-kill, hard-bodied pests as well as quick knock down and kill of the most destructive soft-bodied insects. Azera effectively controls insects through three modes of action:

contact, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity.

Azera is an ideal organic solution for hard-to-kill insects. It is made from two distinctly powerful active ingredients derived from botanical sources. Because it provides quick knockdown and control of many harder-to-kill insects, Azera can be one of the most important tools in your arsenal of pest control solutions.

Azera is a good choice for growers who are concerned about the environment and field workers. Azera is a softer, botanically-derived insecticide that has a lower impact on the environment, yet a higher impact on pests


  • Organically-compliant. OMRI Listed and meets USDA’s NOP requirements
  • Effectively controls insects with three unique modes of action: quick knockdown, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity
  • Zero pre-harvest interval and very short 12-hour REI
  • Can be applied on more than 200 growing crops and 200 insect types
  • Cost-effective and convenient alternative to tank-mixing multiple products
  • Maximum residue levels (MRLs) established

Insects Killed

    Azera is a premium, organic solution for the hardest-to-kill insects. Effective on more than 200 soft- and hard-bodied pests including the following:
  • bean beetles
  • beet armyworms
  • brown marmorated stink bugs
  • cabbage loopers
  • corn earworms
  • crickets
  • eastern tent caterpillars
  • fruitflies
  • glassy-winged sharpshooter
  • grapeleaf skeletonizers
  • grasshoppers
  • harlequin bugs
  • potato flea beetles
  • potato leafhoppers
  • twelve spotted cucumber beetles
  • webworms

Tips for Best Performance

  • Buffer the pH of the Azera spray solution to 5.5-7.0. Application of the spray solution with a pH outside of this range may result in poor performance on target pests
  • Azera is a contact insecticide – good coverage is key. The amount of water used as a carrier has to be sufficient to achieve good coverage and contact target insects
  • Azera may be applied in conjunction with a spreader or wetting agent While Azera should be compatible with most products, conducting a small-scale test to ensure the lack of phytotoxicity of the combination is recommended.
  • Consider application in early morning, late evening or during the night. Reduced UV exposure and lower temperatures will increase performance and reduce impact on pollinators.
  • For most situations, start at the “mid” application rate for Azera. a. In general using Azera at the rate of 32 fl oz/A provides excellent knockdown and kill of insects. Conditions under which increasing the rate used per acre are recommended include the following: 1) extremely high insect populations, or 2) when the insect population is dominated by late-stage immature or adults
  • Carefully monitor insect population and apply when insects are in their early life stage. Monitor your crops for the first appearance of insects and treat the insects during the early stages of colonization.
  • Apply Azera when target insects are active. Apply when the target insects are active to increase the direct contact during early stages of colonization.
  • Remove beneficial insects or apply when beneficial insects are not present.
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