Xtreme Gardening Tea Brews 14ct, 500g

Xtreme Gardening Tea Brews 14ct, 500g

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Mother Nature has been evolving and perfecting her growing methods for over 450 million years. Xtreme Tea Brews work with Nature, instead of against her, to deliver the Xtreme Results you've been looking for.

Xtreme Tea Brews are an easy to use, easy to brew blend of organic matter that is packed full of healthy soil microbes. With the beneficial microorganisms present in Xtreme Tea Brews, organic fertilizers can be fully-harnessed and delivered to plants with unparalleled "natural-efficiency". The beneficial microbes work in symbiosis with plants, to break-down carbon-dense compounds, release nutrients in plant available forms and help shield plant roots from pathogens and disease. When these beneficial organisms are returned to the soil, the entire microbial matrix begins to work in concert to optimize plant growth. The success of crop development also benefits all the beneficial microbes that are involved in the process.

  • Promote Plant Growth
  • Add Organic Matter
  • Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Herbs & Lawns
  • 90 grams tea brew packs make 3 gallons of brew. The 500 gram tea brew packs make 25 gallons of brew.
    Directions & Applications
  • Prep - Easy 1-2-3 Brewing: Add 1 Brew into an Xtreme Tea Brewer, other compost tea brewer, or pail with airstone. Squeeze the Brew several times. Tear open 1 Activator packet and add the contents. Allow solution to brew.
    48 hours for Growing Plants. 24 hours for Flowering & Fruiting Plants. After brew has completed and oxygenation has ceased, use within 8 hours. Xtreme Tea is best used fresh, but may be refrigerated & stored for up to 48hrs.
  • Cuttings & New Starts: Soak & Inoculate. Plugs: Add,"__ cup per gal water. Soak plugs for 10 min. Clone Machines: Add,"__ cup per 3 gal water. For best results, use with Azos.
  • Established Plants: Root Drench: Apply 2 cups brewed tea around base of plant (1 gal treats 8 plants). Repeat weekly.
  • Hydroponics & Irrigation: Reservoirs: Add 3-5 gal Brewed Xtreme Tea per 50 gal water, alone or with your base nutrients. Apply 24 hours before reservoir change. Repeat weekly or with every reservoir change.
  • Notes: Mineral salts have been shown to suppress beneficial microbes. Use unchlorinated water for best results.

Performance products for organic and natural gardening! At Xtreme Gardening, we take a different approach to gardening. We combine cutting-edge technology with the results of thousands of years of evolutionary design, allowing us to provide the gardener with the natural biology needed for exceptional natural & organic plant growth. Looking to maximize yield through organic inputs, Xtreme Gardening embraced biomimicry (A new science that studies nature's models and then uses these designs and processes to solve human problems). With Xtreme Gardening products, gardeners are unlocking their plants true potential and reaching new levels of production not achieved through conventional inputs. These achievements include seven World records for fruits and vegetable yield, all grown utilizing Xtreme Gardening's unparalleled products.

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BrandXtreme Gardening
Weight (lb.)16.78
Height (in.)19
Width (in.)14.5
Length (in.)5.75
Shipping RestrictionsAK, DE, HI
Lead TimeThis product ships in 7-10 Business Days
Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeOrganic Based
OMRI CertifiedNo
Nutrient Material TypePowder