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Twister B4 Bucker!
Twister T6 Trimming Machine
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Twister Product Documents

Twister T6 Cleaning Instructions

The Home Grow Revolution Begins Now! Introducing The Twister T6 Trimmer!

The Twister T6 is a revolution in small batch trimming and automation. The radical new small-capacity tabletop design allows for quality, hand trim-finished trimming speeds of up to 4 lbs/hr dry, 20 lbs/hr wet, right from the comfort of your own home! Finally. Home grown, hand trim-finished product is now possible with an automated small machine trimmer. All from the company that started it all in 2007. This is the Twister T6 - Available in Wet or Dry!

    What's in the Box
  • T6 Trimmer
  • Leaf Collector Vacuum and Collection Bags (Wet and Dry)
  • The Wet Tumbler or Dry Tumbler - depending on which one you purchase
  • Hopper
  • Owner’s Manual

Estimated Product Performance*:

Combining multiple T6 trimmers in tandem can increase trimming performance. T6 comes out-of-the-box with a tool-less tandem adaptor built-in.

    Trimming Dry Product:
  • One T6 Trimmer - 2-4 pounds per hour
  • Two T6 Trimmers - 6-8 pounds per hour

    Trimming Wet Product:
  • One T6 Trimmer - 20 pounds per hour (weight measured after being dried)
  • Two T6 Trimmers - 40 pounds per hour (weight measured after being dried)

* The estimates above will vary by plant type, flower size, and the angle the trimmer is positioned in. These are only estimates, your experience may vary.

A Radical New Design

Specifically designed and engineered for your home or small grow, the Twister T6 is everything you ever wanted in a home trimmer. The new design literally sets a new standard in home trimming. The Twister T6 designed and is engineered with the highest grade materials available, including high-performance ballistic-grade plastics, high-grade anodized alloy aluminum, and 304 stainless steel used throughout. The result is quite possibly the highest grade, most durable, easiest to use, easiest to clean, small-capacity trimmers ever made!

New FoodSafe Nitrided Blades Included With Each Twister Trimmer

Nitrided blades are high-carbon, hardened steel blades that surpass the quality and durability of standard blades on trimmers - both on older model Twister machines and on current competitive products. Nitrided Blades are FoodSafe. The materials used are approved for contact with food products.

Trim Smarter, in 25% Less Space.

Lightweight, portable, and masterfully-crafted for the table or countertop. The T6 is designed to make gentle short work of your home harvest. The smart tabletop design of the T6 allows for gentle home trimming of up to 4 lbs / hr using Twister SoftTumble™ technology. Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work to produce quality, hand trimmed product, the same result can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T6.

  • Speed of Trim - The Twister T6 is the fastest, small-capacity trimmer in the world.
  • Power / Weight Ratio - Equipped with a powerful 0.25HP motor ensuring continuous, high performance output.
  • Gentle SoftTumble™ Technology - Small 4” tumbler diameter combined with polished 304 stainless steel non-stick surface ensures flowers experience minimal impact via less wall crawl and shorter tumble distance.

Plug and Play. Unplug and Go.

The T6 is the ultimate in portability. Coming in at 42 lbs, it is one of the lightest, most compact trimmers on the market. The T6 is designed for quick trim sessions in the backyard, the garage, at the friends house, or discretely in the privacy of your own home. Whether you're trimming indoor or outdoor, the lightweight Grab and Go™ design of the T6 makes it easy to get where you need to go and get the job done quickly. Time is money.

  • Lightweight and Portable - So small your little sis can carry it and your trunk will transport it.
  • Easy Tear Down - Tool-less disassembly in seconds, giving you easy access to the components when needed.
  • Grab and Go™ - Engineered with a large-grip aluminum handle that extends the width of the T6 for easy movement to and from trim sessions

The Tightest Cut in the Industry. Period.

Blades have been cutting organic materials for centuries. The precision makeup of the T6 uses one of the most advanced rotary blade cutting systems available on the market.

Getting the tightest cut in the shortest amount of time is paramount to quality home trimming. The integrity of the product is everything. The quality, hand trim-finished product you always wanted from a home trimmer is now possible with the T6; clean, tight, and precision cut, all with minimal impact to your flower!

  • Consistent Cut - Trimmed pieces are uniform quality, hour after hour, day after day.
  • Proprietary Blade Geometry - The T6 delivers the closest cut possible without damaging your product.
  • QuickClick™ Technology - A new proprietary 96 point indexing blade adjustment system allows you to dial-in your trim up to 0.0005 of an inch - over six times thinner than a sheet of paper!

Trim Wet or Dry.

Quite simply the most versatile small-capacity trimmer available, the Twister T6 is capable of trimming a broad range of flower moisture levels, from 8% all the way up to a fully hydrated flower straight off the plant -- all with a simple change-out of the tumbler.

  • Easy Change Tumbler Design - Simply remove the lid and swap out your tumbler. That’s it.
  • No Setup or Tools Required - The T6 is easily adjusted with intuitive, easy-to-use controls

Less Time Trimming. More Time Living.

Your love for the product means you also enjoy the simple things in life. Maybe it’s time to spend less time trimming and more living?

  • Low Maintenance - No paint to chip or flake; easy-to-clean in less than 10 minutes with no tools; fully serviceable by end-user.
  • Painless Customer Service - If you confront a problem, we got you. Call us and we make it right.
  • Twister Track Record - When you buy a Twister, you’re investing in a brand with a decade of research and development behind it. You’re buying the most advanced and maintenance-free trimming system on the planet.
  • 3 Year Warranty - We stand behind what we sell. If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period.


Twister T6 Machine Specs

Input Voltage 120V AC
Current Draw 2A
Blade and Tumbler Motor 200W / 0.25HP
Tumble Diameter 4"
Tumbler Type 304 stainless
Cut Height .040"
Weight 42 lbs.
Product Length 19"
Product Width 12"
Product Height 11"
Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector) 45 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (length x width x height) 37" x 26" x 34"
Discharge 4"
Cuts Per Minute (CPM) 19,250
Production Capability 4 lbs/hr Dry; 2 lbs/hr Wet
Time Saved vs Hand Trim* 96 hrs or 12 Days (*based on hand trimming a 12 plant harvest (18 lbs) @ 1.5 lbs / day)

Leaf Collector Specs

Input Voltage 115V AC
Motor 1 HP
Amps (running) 7.5A
Amps (startup) 15A
Motor Speed 3450 RPM
Airflow Capacity 1000 CFM
Static Pressure TBD
Impeller 10"
Inlet 4"
Length 15"
Width 15"
Height 15"
Weight 45 lbs
Shipping Weight 55 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (length x width x height) 18” x 16.5” x 23”
Circuit Breaker Required 15A / 120V
Connector (plug) 15A 120V (NEMA 5-15)
Sound Rating 94 db
Fused Yes. Thermally fused with automatic reset.
Maintenance Clean impeller housing frequently. Clean filter bag.
Part # T6

Twister T6 Warranty

  • 3 Year Warranty - We stand behind what we sell. If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period.

Twister T6 Trimming Machine Videos


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

The Twister T6 Changed my life
I've been growing for over 20 years and hand scissoring every crop. I finally said enough. I just couldn't look at another week and a half to two week trimming session. So I pulled up my big boy pants and ordered the Twister T6. It has changed my life. What took me 1 - 2 weeks of every day hand trimming is literally getting done in 2 - 3 days. The quality of the cut is impressive. No observable damage due to the gentle tumbling was observed. I've harvested 3 crops already with this machine with each crop bringing in over 2 pounds of finished product. I believe It will pay for itself over the next year in time saved. This may not be the model for large crops but for the mom and pop grower it does an excellent job and then some. FYI - I chose the WET option.
Review by JosephinNH / (Posted on 9/17/2018)
A+++++++++++++ and some
Hands down, why the heck did I not buy this sooner..
works like a dream, got for Wet, I LOVE IT.

Had to BEG people to come help, now, 1 Man show, thanks so much. and for the Price talk about a Steal..

Invest in yourself. Spend the money. Well worth it.
Review by Winters / (Posted on 3/23/2018)
Very impressive
The t6 is a super trimmer..blasted through what used to take days with small army of help down to a day with the help of my wife!. I have no regrets in my investment and it's payed for itself already!!. A++++++++
Review by Chester / (Posted on 11/6/2017)
The best grow decision I have made in a long time!
I have no idea why I did not give a twister a try before now, but the difference it has made is amazing. No more people at my house to help trim, no more issues, does 90% of the work in one day where before it would be a week! It really does have the hand quality I was looking for with humans. Do yourself a favor and invest in your grow future like I did, you wont regret it A+++++++++++++++!!!!!!!
Review by Tweeds / (Posted on 8/18/2017)
Well worth the money
After years of trimming by hand, bringing in many, many people to come help I decided I was done with that bs. I waited for the new t6 to come out because it is more affordable for the average home grower. I was skeptical about the overall quality that it would produce, but wow just wow. It takes about 90% of the work away and makes it much easier to get in a rhythm not doing small stuff. I only need one good friend, some beer, and some scissors and I'll blow through it. I feel safer without bringing people to my home, managing them and feeding them. Its really the way of the future and you will be happy you got one. the return on investment is amazing imo.
Review by Balla / (Posted on 7/18/2017)
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