Twister T4 VSC Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum

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Take Control With The All New Twister T4 With Variable Speed Control

Every production is different, from the process, facility type, scale, cultivar types, and revenue streams. Whether your goal is to maximize trimmed flower quality, increase blade contact, or produce high-quality extraction ready trim—or all of the above, customization is key.

The new T4 allows you to customize tumbler and blade speed as well as decrease vacuum suction to match your trimming set up to align with your harvesting goals.

What is the variable speed control system?

The variable speed control function of the new Twister T4 allows you to adjust the speed of the tumbler and the blades to meet the needs of your specific harvest.

Dry flower is lighter, more fragile and can be difficult to dial in the ideal 10-13% moisture content for optimal trimming. Reducing the tumbler speed and vacuum suction will allow a more gentle & softer trim, enabling you to trim even those low-density, delicate flowers you used to hand trim.

11% moisture is the ideal moisture level for dry trimming with Twister.

36 Machines for the price of 1

With six settings each for both the tumbler and the blade, the new T4 standard with Speed Control gives you thirty-six trimming styles in one quality machine.

Adaptability is critical, and as each strain, and even each plant, differs.

You can set your trim settings to your harvest liking, and change them as needed. Darwin would be proud.

What's The Difference Between The Standard And Narrow Tumblers?

In the past, Twister labeled their tumblers as "wet" and "dry". After three years of product testing and feedback, Twister has discovered the Wet (1/4") Tumbler works best on 'quality' wet and dry flower.

Because of this, we are now selling all trimmers with a 'Standard Tumbler' (1/4" slot). The 3/16" tumbler will now be referred to as the 'Narrow Tumbler' and is available as an add-on. The narrow tumbler is suggested when trimming very fragile flower.

Trim Up To 14lbs An Hour Dry With The Twister T4 Trimming Machine with Trim Saver

Harvest is exciting, but the trimming process itself can be miserable, regardless of the amount you have to trim. Trimming by hand creates a beautiful bud, but isn't feasible at scale. On the flip side, trimming machines work fast but don't produce the similar, aesthetically pleasing results that hand trimming does.

Now, the Twister T4 has transformed the trimming game with advanced, patent-pending technology that does the job for you quickly and efficiently. With the T4 trimming machine, you can trim up to 14 pounds an hour (dry), or 25bs an hour wet!

What's included?

  • Twister T4 Variable Speed Control Trimming Machine
  • T4 Trim Saver Vacuum
  • T4 Tumbler Choice (standard or standard and narrow)
  • T4 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 70 Micron (Inner Bag)
  • T4 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 40 Micron (Outer Bag)
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty

  • Note: The T4 does not come with the "Airflow Adjuster" but this item can be purchased separately. (23-0258-00-P)

    Twister T4 Trimming Machine

    Why Twister Made The Switch to Corrosion-Resistant Nitrided Blades

    Recently, Twister began implementing corrosion-resistant nitrided blades in their trimming machines. While these are more expensive, there are a number of reasons why this was for the better:

    • Hardened Steel
    • Increased tensile strength
    • Materials are approved for contact with food products
    • Increased resistance to corrosion
    • Increased wear resistance
    • 600 hour lifespan depending on environment & operator
    • Less buildup on the blades
    • Blades stay sharp longer

    The importance of details when trimming flower

    The Twister T4 was designed from the ground up to exceed the stringent demands of the most demanding medical facilities on the planet.

    Its lightweight anodized aluminum and stainless steel design can deliver heavyweight results in any sized medical flower production.

    The Twister T4 is legendary in the trimming industry as the workhorse trimmer that simply gets the job done. Non-stop power and performance to help you increase your profits and make your pockets fatter!

    Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work trimming your crop by hand, the same can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T4!

    The T4 is gentle on flower

    The Twister T4 is incredibly gentle on your precious flowers, yet quick enough to get the trimming process complete in less time than any other trimmer on the planet.

    Soft Tumble™ Technology

    Keep the beauty and profile of your flower. The T4 uses a perfectly-sized 5" tumbler diameter combined with a Food Safe 304 Stainless Steel non-stick surface to reduce wall crawl and maintain a shorter tumble distance.

    High Performance Trimming

    The T4 is equipped with a powerful motor ensuring continuous, high-performance output for thousands of hours. And it’s portable.

    Two piece design

    Engineered with large-grip aluminum handles on either side of the T4 for easy movement to and from your trim sessions, whether you need to head out to the field or trim in your garage.

    Quick assembly, cleaning, and maintenance

    Disassemble the T4 in seconds, giving you easy access to the components when needed. Tear down in 15 secs. Clean in 5 minutes. No tools required, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

    Lightweight and Portable

    The T4 is small enough that the majority of people can carry it themselves, and it will fit easily in the trunk of your car!

    The T4 produces hand trimmed buds at trimming machine speeds

    The Twister T4 Variable Speed Control With Trim Saver is a natural wonder, as it manicures your flower perfectly, at a rate of 14 pounds an hour dry and 50 pounds an hour wet .

    You can achieve a gentle, softer trim compared to other machines that work at this speed, and reduce flower wall crawl and time in tumbler, further preserving your trichomes for maximum potency.

    With the T4, you can trim low-density flower you used to hand trim.

    Optimized For Wet Flower Too

    Wet flower is denser and more flexible due to the moisture content and the leaves not being curled inward as they do with dry flower.

    This makes wet flower resilient and allows you to increase the blade and tumbler speed to maximize blade contact to achieve a tighter trim.

    Whether you want to trim wet or dry, the Twister T4 will get the job done.

    Twister T4 Trimming Machine

    The Twister T4 has earned a best in class reputation

    Faster, higher quality cut

    Twister Trimmers are designed to run continuously, eliminating any need for you to touch your buds once you put them in the tumbler, and trimming fast . Why tumble or churn for 20 minutes when 30 seconds will do?

    Highest ROI Trimming Machine

    Your Twister will pay for itself in a single harvest, compared to hand trimming. Sure, its an investment. But compare it to the cost of hiring an entire trimming crew for a few weeks!

    Twister track record

    When you buy a Twister, you're investing in a brand with a decade of harvest research and development behind it. Trust the quality and efficiency of your harvest with a brand you can trust.

    Outstanding Support

    Twister offer live tech support 12 hours a day, seven days a week, along with an ironclad 3 Year Warranty and optional 2 Year Extended Warranty. If anything goes wrong, they have you covered.

    Up to four T4's in tandem

    The T4 is the only medical trimming machine on the planet designed to run in configurations up to four in a row, for a total production speed of up to 150 lbs/hr!

    Start with one, add a second, and when you're ready slide in the third or fourth. No additional labor required, and you can significantly increase your harvesting speed.

    Twisters in tandem up to four machines

    Extract Ready Trim Collection

    The Twister T4 With Trim Saver takes your harvest to the next level, capable of producing extract ready trim. Whereas most trimming machines mangle your trim and render it useless, the T4 saves it so you can produce top-shelf concentrates.

    A truly plug-and-play addition for your T4: simply connect the vacuum and hit the power switch. It's that simple!

    This version of the T4 includes the Trim Saver, but if you don't need to save your trim, you will likely be better off with just the Twister T4 Ultimate Trimming System With Leaf Collectors! .

    The Twister Trimmer leaf collector saves your trim for use with extracts.

    The Twister Trimmer leaf collector saves your trim for use with extracts.

    You asked for it, we listened. The best trimmers on the planet can now trim dry using our new DRY Soft Tumble technology.

    Trim Wet or Dry

    Trim a broad range of moisture content, 11% to fully hydrated flower.

    No Stopping

    The T4 is designed for continues flower trimming, with no stoppages throughout the workday.

    Lowest Handling

    Why tumble your delicate flowers for 20 minutes, when 30 seconds will do?

    Compare the Twister T4 to other trimming machines

    Compare the Twister T4 to other trimming machines and trimming by hand.

    Upgrade Your Twister T4 Trimming Machine

    Your Twister T4 Trimming Machine can be upgraded even further with add ons such as conveyors and rails, a bucker, replacement parts and accessories, and drying rack systems.

    Twister UltraClean Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning System

    Twister UltraClean is here to provide a better clean with less time and labor. Trimming machines have enabled producers to trim faster with fewer people required. But cleaning has always been a time-consuming process. It takes physical effort to do a quality cleaning job that meets the QA department’s standards and requirements. Not anymore! The Twister UltraClean cleans one trimmer in 15 minutes* versus 120 mins by hand! Even better, that fifteen minutes is a fully automated self-clean with the Siemens one touch panel. Now you can set the timer and go tackle another task in between cycles.

    Conveyors and Rails

    Conveyors can increase your speed and consistency by up to 20%. They are FDA approved, and make it easy to ensure your T4 is always being fed the right amount of flowers, throughout the entire day. They are adjustable in height, and can be used with both the T4 and the T2. We carry both quality control conveyors and feed conveyors , both which are very important.


    Adding a bucker to your trimming operation will take your efficiency and profit through the roof. A lot of emphasis gets put on the trimming process, but removing the stems and branches from your buds first is essential. You understand how important automating trimming is, but automating your de-stemming process is equally important.

    Replacement parts and accessories

    You may want to grab some replacement parts and accessories , such as extra tumblers for trimming different strains and preventing cross contamination. Or, maybe you need some leaf collector bags or filters. We also carry replacement belts and machine cleaner to keep everything running smooth.

    Twister Drying Rack Systems

    What do you do with your buds after you trim them? If you are trimming wet, the next step is to dry them. Twister drying racks are stackable, and make drying your flower easy and saves space.

    Twister Freezing & Handling Trays

    The new Twister Stackable Freezing / Handling Trays are perfect for handling and freezing product. Designed to stack on top of each other for maximum airflow, you can easily stack 50 of these ventilated trays per palette for easy storage and movement to and from rooms or locations. High-density food-grade polyethylene is 100% freezer and dishwasher safe. Maximum durability. Trim straight into these bad boys!!

    Twister T4 Machine Specifications

    • Input Voltage -115
    • Current Draw - 2A
    • Blade Motor -200W / 0.25HP
    • Tumbler Motor - 6W / 1/125HP
    • Cut Height - 0.040" / 1/25 / 1mm
    • Weight - 56lbs / 25.4kg
    • Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector) - 120lbs / 54.4kg
    • Length - 25in / 63.5cm
    • Width - 15in / 38.1cm
    • Height - 16.5in / 42cm
    • Discharge - 5in / 127mm

    Trim Saver Specifications

    • Input Voltage - 120V
    • Motor - 1.5HP
    • Amps (running) - 15A
    • Amps (startup) - 47A
    • Motor Speed - 3450RPM
    • Airflow Capacity - 1190CFM
    • Static Pressure -10in of H20
    • Inlet - 6"/153mm
    • Height - 72in
    • Weight - 155lbs
    • Circuit Breaker Required - 15A / 240V
    • Connector (plug) - 20A 120V (NEMA 5-15)
    • Sound Rating - 80 db
    • Fused - Yes
    • Maintenance Clean impeller housing frequently. Clean filter bag.

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    Product Q&A

    Twister T4 VSC Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum Questions & Answers

    What is the ideal moisture % for trimming?
    Trim at a moisture level between 10-13%. For best results, we recommend trimming at 11% Moisture.


    Twister T4 VSC Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum Reviews

    Trim saver is a must have for processing trim
    If you have any plans on processing your leftover trim into concentrates, the trim saver version is what you need. The trimmer itself is badass! I could not harvest without it these days. It has very good cut, but you must keep it clean and dialed in for premium results. If you have 30+ plants this will pay for itself the first harvest. You cannot bring tons of people in to trim these days, too many possible problems. I have seen it all, machine trimming is much better than it was, and the T4 is the leader imo.

    Tech Specs