Commercial & Large Scale Trimming Machines

Any commercial grower knows the importance of keeping the line moving. In this case, it's keeping the harvest moving along so you can continue to produce a product without holding up the working because you can't get you plants trimming fast enough. Trimming by hand is not really a possible feat when you have thousands of plants to trim. New trimming technology has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of trim that trimming machines offer, so much that most consumers wouldn't know the difference between a hand trimmed bud or a machine trimmed bud.

Here at Hydrobuilder we have the best selection of wet and dry commercial and industrial plant, leaf, and bud trimmers anywhere on the market. Our special relationships with the top-tier trimming vendors in the industry mean that we are well educated on how to trim to scale and how to do it properly. We are constantly going through training and demos so we are confident in how to use these machines personally.

Whether you are looking to scale up your current operation to keep up demand, or looking to get a new trimming machine set-up for your new facility, we carry the best brands like Twister, CenturionPro, Triminator, EzTrim, and many others. From Twister T2's to Centurion Gladiators, we have the knowledge to get you the right trimmer for your application, guaranteed.

Want to learn more about the trimming machines types we offer? Read our learning center article on Bud & Leaf Trimming Machines or give us a call at 888-815-9763 to talk to one of our experienced growers about your project.


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