Secure Transportation

One of the toughest parts of this industry is staying within the regulations for secure transportation of your harvest within your state borders.

Different states have nuances that make this more difficult than others, but the premise is the same: it needs to be locked up, completely inaccessible, and invisible. No one should ever know out what you are transporting! This is easier said than done. But luckily, we have the solution to all your secure transportation needs.

We’ll fill you in on the NorCal Vans ‘CannaCage’ shortly. But first, we want to talk about the laws regarding transport.

What are the current laws around secure transportation

The basics of this law is that the product must be inaccessible to anyone in the car, both the driver and any passengers. 

It needs to be locked up in accordance with your state’s laws. For example, in California, here are the laws directly from the BCC:

  • Only people with a distributor license (or their employees) may transport product.
  • All vehicles transporting these types of goods for hire shall be required to have a motor carrier permit pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 34620) of Division 14.85 of the Vehicle Code.
  • You cannot transport by aircraft, watercraft, drone, rail, human powered vehicle, and unmanned vehicle.
  • Goods must be transported inside a trailer or vehicle. They also must not be visible or identifiable from outside the vehicle/trailer.
  • Goods shall be locked in a box, container, or cage that is secured to the inside of the vehicle or trailer. 
  • While left unattended, vehicles and trailers shall be locked and secured. 
  • A distributor shall not leave a vehicle or trailer containing goods unattended in a residential area or parked overnight in a residential area. 
  • At a minimum, a distributor shall have a vehicle alarm system on all transport vehicles and trailers. Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and hold-up alarms may also be used. 
  • Packages or containers holding the goods shall not be tampered with, or opened, during transport. 
  • A distributor transporting goods shall only travel between licensees shipping or receiving goods and its own licensed premises when engaged in the transportation of goods. The distributor may transport multiple shipments of goods at once in accordance with applicable laws. 
  • When a distributor holds both an A-license and an M-license, medicinal and adult-use goods may be transported in the same vehicle only if the goods are clearly identified and marked as “A” for adult-use goods, or “M” for medicinal goods both on the physical packaging of the goods and on the shipping manifest. While in transport, the medicinal and adult-use goods shall be secured and separated from each other in the vehicle. There are also laws preventing certain goods from being transported with other goods. 
  • Vehicles and trailers transporting goods are subject to inspection by the Bureau at any licensed premises or during transport at any time

As you can see, there are some intricacies here that make secure transport difficult. But, that’s not all you need to consider.

Secure Transportation Documentation & Limits

Those transporting also must have proper documentation, licensing, or any other materials. You need to be prepared if you get stopped by authorities.

The driver also needs their personal documentation, such as license, registration, insurance, but that should go without saying.

There are limits to what amount can be transported at one time. It's also important to note that you aren’t allowed to cross state lines. This is considered trafficking, even from legal state to another legal state.

How to securely transport product across your state

The easiest method of secure transport is by an armored vehicle. But, that isn’t cost-effective or sustainable. And, there is an easier, cheaper way.

NorCal Vans CannaCage

NorCal Vans is an industry leader in repurposing vans for commercial use, and they have been satisfying their customers for over 30 years.

Seeing how much difficulty commercial distributors were having, they are now rolling out their new product - the CannaCage.

They can take your used van, or find one for you, and convert it to the ultimate transport machine. These vans include: 

  • A full partition between the driver and passenger seats, 
  • Steel cage with walls, roof, flooring, and a rear locking door, 
  • LED Cargo Interior Lighting

But, for serious distributors or cultivars who want to take things next to level or need additional features for the types of goods they are transporting can add on more. Some of the optional features include:

  • Locking Security Box
  • Rear Loading Deposit Safe
  • Rear Cargo Air Conditioner
  • Refrigeration
  • Insulated Interiors
  • Side Container Door Access
  • Back-Up Alarm
  • Vehicle Alarm System with GPS and Remote Start
  • Steps and Running Boards
  • Solid Double Locking Rear Door

The CannaCage is the ultimate solution to secure transportation. It is the most cost-effective way to legitimately get your product where you need it to go, while staying within the regulations put in place by the BCC.

No matter what exactly you are transporting, you can work with NorCal Vans to create the transportation vehicle you need. You can learn more about the Nor-Cal Vans CannaCage Van Conversion Kit here, and see how it fits in with your business.

Have questions? Are you ready to get started? Feel free to reach out to our commercial representatives here and we can help!


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