Plant Waste Shredders

One of the troublesome parts of harvesting your plants is figuring out what to do with your stalks, stems, root balls, rockwool cubes, failed clones, foliage, and more. Some of this stuff can be very difficult to get rid of, especially when you have large commercial facilities with lots of plants. For this reason, plant waste shredders are an absolute must for any large grow.

What is a plant waste shredder?

Plant waste shredders are pieces of equipment responsible for shredding your plants after you harvest. There are stipulations for how plants can be disposed, and when you have a warehouse full of plants or multiple acres, it can be more stressful than the actual harvest itself. With these machines, you can insert plant waste into the shredder, and it will be grinded into a fine powder for easy disposal. You can even create compost out of these, using them as a plant mulcher.

What is the best plant waste shredder?

Here at Hydrobuilder, we have sourced the highest-quality plant waste shredders from reputable brands like Franklin Miller and Ameri-Shred. Which shredder is best for you will depend on your particular grow, and how many plants you need to dispose of.

The Franklin Miller TaskMaster Shredder

The Franklin Miller Taskmaster shredder is a great option for those who are looking for a simple approach to plant destruction. It employs a 3-5 HP motor, and can shred through a whole plant in 8-12 seconds. It features dual counter-rotating cutter stacks that inter-mesh at close clearance at low speed under extremely high torque. This allows them to cut, shear, and tear through solids typically in a strip or chip-like output shape.

The Ameri-Shred Medical Plant Waste Shredder

If you are looking to hone in your selection to better match your needs, Ameri-Shred plant waste shredders come in a variety of speeds and shredding capabilities, from 100lbs per hour all the way up to 2,000 lbs. per hour. They feature motors ranging from 1 HP all the way up to 20 HP, and are engineered for maximum efficiency and safety when shredding plants. Ameri-Shred Shredders are quiet, ensure less downtime and dust emission than other shredders on the market.

If you would like to learn more about what these machines can do, or have a question about a specific model, reach out to our experts at 888-815-9763


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