Harvest supplies on sale through 9/30
Harvest supplies on sale through 9/30

Metro WavDri Drying Trays

Metro WavDri Drying Trays

Metro Brand Product
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Metro's WavDri Tray is a flower drying tray designed to maximize efficiency with better airflow and a thorough rotation process.

Metro's WavDri Tray is a flower drying tray designed to maximize efficiency with better airflow and a thorough rotation process. Features such as a lightweight material, rotation indicator, and Microban antimicrobial make this polymer drying tray ideal for agribusiness processing. The patent-pending clamshell rotation feature allows you to quickly rotate the flower.

The undulated surface of a WavDri tray helps increase airflow, reduce surface contact with product, and improved efficiency. The inclusion of Microban antimicrobial in the WavDri tray helps mitigate the proliferation of bacteria and mold.

  • WavDri's Patent-Pending Clamshell rotation: Rotate your product with out having to touch it!
  • Undulated Surface: Increase airflow while reducing surface contact with product.
  • Microban antimicrobial technology: Helps mitigate the proliferation of bacteria and mold.
  • Light Weight: Each tray weighs just two pounds.
  • Easy To Clean: Machine washable in temperatures up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Manufactured from FDA approved food safe polypropylene.
Metro WavDri Tray

WavDri trays are designed to be machine washable in temperatures up to 212 degrees F/ 100 degrees C. Trays are manufactured from polypropylene and are resistant to most cleaning agents including isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and bleach solutions.

WavDri Tray uses the Clamshell Rotation Process

Quickly and consistently rotate & document the rotation process vs. manual rotation. Metro’s patent pending clamshell rotation process for efficiency allows for the protection of delicate product, as well as, complete rotation for superior drying.

WavDri Indicator Plaques are available separately to assist in the visual rotation process.

Quickly identify if the trays have been rotated using indicators which visually alternate from red to white when using the clamshell rotation feature for a consistent document rotation process.

Clamshell Rotation Process

WavDri trays work perfectly with Metros line of Drying Racks

Metro has 2 options of drying racks to choose from to fit your specific needs that are compatible with the WavDri Drying Trays. Choose from either Metro's standard Super Erecta Brite protective coating or the stainless steel finish.

Metro Tray Drying Racks in type 304 stainless steel offers superior air flow, mobility, affordability and corrosion resistance. Easily cleanable, this high density solution stands up to all environments within modern grow facilities.

3" (76mm) wire spacing allowing the density for processing large amounts of product while providing ample airflow for a consistent uniform dry time. Accommodating all styles of drying, hang or tray dry [up to 20 or 38 standard 18"x26" (457x660mm) trays]

Optional Wire Tray Stops are available to secure trays during transport. Optional Hanging Grids are also available

Weight Load Capacity: 30 lbs. (13.6kg) per level, 200 lbs. (91kg) per rack (includes utilizing top of rack).

Overall dimensions: 21.75" x 27"d x 69"h (522x685x1753mm) with casters.

Metro Drying Racks & WavDri Trays

Why choose Metro for drying requirements?

In a temperature controlled room plants are either hung by their stems or trimmed and placed to dry on trays. Humidity, temperature, and cleanliness are essential to creating a quality product. Here is where there can be a high risk of contamination due to improper cleaning of handling materials, and high levels of moisture.

Metro's drying solutions have been designed in partnership with some of the largest growers in the world. Our solution creates maximum airflow for hung plants and allows for maximum efficient density.

  • Mobile Drying racks allow easy access and transport of product to final processing areas
  • Corrosion resistant solutions protect from oxidization of racking and other surfaces
  • Convertible solutions allow for tray drying or hang drying processes and help meet internal process.

How you dry and cure your plants can significantly impact various characteristics of the final product, such as potency, preservation period length, and smoke flavor and quality. There are a variety of drying methods and products that can be adapted to your specific needs, such as racks for either tray or hang drying. The drying products you choose and how you control your drying room's temperature and humidity should be closely monitored and adapted to find the perfect combination. Aside from the quality of your plants, this will ensure your buds are safe and free from contamination.


Metro WavDri Drying Trays Reviews

great addition to my workflow
My volume has increased over the years to the point where I just don't have space to dry my products after harvest. this system is a gamechanger for large scale cultivators that need a drying system. lightweight and easy to set up. Shipping was fast too!

Better than the twister trays I had
It seems like the product dries much better with these and the drying rack was cheaper plus twisters were OOS. Shipping was pretty quick.

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