Storage Jars & Containers

When it's time to store your finished product, don't skimp on the storage supplies. High-quality glass jars and containers are a great way to ensure your harvest stays at the perfect moisture levels and for proper curing and long-term storage f your product.

Our selection of glass storage jars are great for the home grower looking to keep the flavor and colors for an extended amount of time. We also carry Harvest Keeper Spin Lock Buckets that are 100% food grade and great for storing larger amounts of flowers while keeping them away from light to preserve smells and potency for a longer period of time. CVualt Humidity Curing Containers are a customer favorite for their amazing performance in maintaining humidity levels with an airtight seal.

Need some more information on the best practices for drying and curing your products after harvest? Read our learning center article on Beginner's Guide to Harvest, Drying, and Curing for tips and tricks for your best cure yet.


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