Triminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press - TRP

Triminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press - TRP

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  • Rosin Press Type
  • Plate Size
    6" x 10"
  • Max. Pressure
    25 Tons
  • Plate Material Type
  • Heated Plates
  • Needs Air Compressor

The Triminator Rosin Press - Extraction For Professionals

Built for professional extraction technicians, the Rosin TRP has the ability to press large rosin batches at the lowest temperatures to preserve rich, valuable terpenes. The Rosin TRP is compatible with manual, air and electric pumps. Pumps can be purchased from Triminator separately.

The Rosin Roller is the first rosin extractor designed specifically for large scale production. The Traditional rosin press design applies pressure to dual heated plates. This causes a limitation for commercial scale production as when plates sizes increase to accommodate more material, the larger surface significantly reduces pressure. Additionally, large place sizes cause the oil to degrade as during pressing it sits on heated plates, unable to escape.

As such, we concluded early on that the key to large scale production is to create a continuous feed of small bath presses. As we developed and tested this technology, we have found not only an increase in speed of production, but a significant increase in yield per press. By pushing the oil out in one direction we are able to capture a higher percentage of essential oils.

The Rosin Roller is built with 5 inch stainless steel rollers. Fully adjustable pressure range operating between 500LB to 3000LB per square inch. Since the contact point of the rollers is a thin line, not a large plate surface, we are able to achieve much higher pressure with less applied force.

25 Tons Of Force

Power Frame

Hundreds of finite element analysis simulations were conducted while designing the frame to be capable of withstanding up to 25 tons of pressure. There is 1235 effective PSI of pressure and 833 PSI of virtual pressure with the Rosin TRP.

That not enough? check out the Triminator TRP Stack for all the same features with more power!

Maintain Terpenes With Lower Temps

By offering high pressure users can press rosin at lower temperatures to maintain valuable terpene content in the end product.

Triminator TRP

Dual Heated Plates

Large Plate Size

6×10 inch platen offer more platen space to provide the most versatility in commercial use for both flower flower and pollen while maintaining a short distance for the oil to travel.

Aluminum Plates

Big size aluminum platen provides homogeneous temperatures and high reserves of energy for the most optimal heat transfer.

Food Safe Components

These plates are also food grade, keeping your rosin free and protected from harmful materials and chemicals.

Squeeze Capacity

  • Flower squeeze capacity up to 1/4 pound pressed flower
  • pollen squeeze capacity up to 1/2 pound pressed pollen
  • Triminator Rosin Press

    The Triminator Rosin TRP Is Easy To Use

    Seamless Design

    The Triminator Rosin Press TRP provides easy access and increased visibility of the product so that technicians can view the progress of their squeeze from start to finish.

    Temperature Precision

    Dual PID temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature preference for each plate.

    Maximum Versatility

    Pump not included. Must be purchased separately to operate press. Air or electric pump options available. Customers that purchase Rosin Presses with air/hydraulic pump will need an external source of compressed air to operate.

    Triminator TRP Rosin Press 25 ton dual heat plates

    Tech Specs


    Weight (lb.)120
    Prop 65No
    Length (in.)10.7
    Width (in.)16.5
    Height (in.)17
    Lead TimeThis product ships in 3 weeks
    UL ListedNo
    Rosin Press TypeHydraulic
    Plate Size6" x 10"
    Plate Material TypeAluminum
    Temperature Range0-225 F
    Temperature ControlDigital
    Temperature Accuracy1-3
    Max. Pressure25 Tons
    Pressure ControlManual
    Adjustable Tilt PositionNo
    Needs Air CompressorRequired
    Amps20 Amps
    Voltage120 Volts
    Exact Watts1100W
    Power Cord(s) IncludedYes
    Maintenance Information
    Product Q&A

    Triminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press - TRP Questions & Answers

    Which Material Should I Use?

    Yields range significantly and depend largely on the quality of the materials used.

    • Trim: 3% - 8%
    • Shake: 8% - 15%
    • Flower: 15% - 30%
    • Dry Sift: 30% - 60%+
    • Ice Water Extractions: 30% - 70%+

    Note: Adequate application of pressure is important to achieve optimal yields and these figures are based on averages tests. Results may vary and depend heavily on your material as well as the operator.

    Which Micron Bag To Use?

    Depending on your material, the proper micron bags are suggested but results will always vary.

    For dry sift and ice water extractions use a 36 micron or 72-micron bag. 72-micron rosin bags will offer higher yields compared to 36-micron rosin bags, but the 36-micron bags will provide the highest quality product.

    For flower, trim, and shake, use a 115 micron or 90-micron bag. You will get the highest yield from a 115-micron rosin bag compared with a 90-micron rosin bag, but the 90-micron bags will give you more filtration and slightly higher quality product.

    • 36 micron - Most filtration available, highest quality output rosin for use with small and finer material.
    • 72 micron - High level of filtration, increased yields over 36 micron when pressing smaller and finer material.
    • 90 micron - Higher level of filtration for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing.
    • 115 micron - Ideal level of filtration and high yielding for use with flower, trim, and shake rosin pressing.

    What Temperature Is Ideal?

    • Lower temperatures (200°F- 300°F) = more flavor/terpenes, less yield, end material is more stable (shatter-like consistency).
    • Higher temperatures (300°F- 350°F) = less flavor/terpenes, more yield, end material is less stable (sap-like consistency).

    How Much Pressure Should I Use?

    There is no magic number for how much you need to press but most people use the formula of press pounds/plate surface area.

    For example: A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 3"x5" plate = 15 square inch. Hence, 20,000/15 = 1,333 PSI

    Note: These numbers serve as a guide only. Results will always vary depending on temperature and material as well the press you choose. Refer to manufacturers recommendations for best results.


    Triminator 25 Ton Dual Heat Plate Rosin Press - TRP Reviews

    High Yielder
    This unit has worked very well, with very high output. I have been pressing dry sift and the quality is out of this world. SUPER clear and great smells! Would purchase again!