Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler

Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler

Bubble Magic Brand Product
$465.00 - $940.00

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Save time and money and tumble your flowers, leaves, stems, and trim quickly and efficiently

The Bubble Magic Dry Tumbler is capable of processing your leftover trim, stems, leaves, and flower or any other kind of dry plant material.

Bubble Magic produces 3 sizes of these tumblers to match the needs any any size work load or job.

  • 150 Grams
  • 500 Grams
  • 1,500 Grams

Included with all sizes of the Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler is a 145 Micron Screen . There are also 125 Micron and 185 Micron screens available to match the needs and requirements for any type of work load.

Each size of tumbler has specific screen for its size as well. So there are 3 sizes screen for the 150 Gram Tumbler, 3 screens for the 500 Gram Tumbler, and 3 screens for the 1,500 Gram Tumbler. Each size Bubble Magic tumbler comes standrd with the 145 Micron Screen.

Bubble Magic Replacement Screens

Like all machines, after it has been used enough, parts will eventually need to be replaced. We have all 9 Bubble Magic Screen available so you can stock up on a few now and have each micron size to work with or pick up replacements when the time comes.

You can view all the Bubble Magic Repalcement Screens here.

Bubble Magic Tumbler with all 3 screens

You can also purchase backup / replacement motor that is compatible with all 3 sizes of tubmbler; 150, 500, and 1,500 Gram Tumblers. You can view the Bubble Magic Replacement Tumbler Motor here.

Need help deciding what to do with your newly collected pollen?

Hydrobuilder.com has an extensve collection of articles ranging over several different topics. Here you can find our parent blog category on Extraction . From there you can navigate to several very useful articles such as:

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Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler Reviews

broke after not much use and after warranty
Mine 500 gram motor locked up after 25 uses over 3 years. At the end of the day it was $400+ plastic box, silk screen, and motor. I expected it to last for this price. Most expensive storage bin I've ever bought.

The lid was concave as well and the when the wheel rotated it rubbed the lid damaging a section of the screen over time. Once again, for a plastic box of this cost I expect a flat lid.

Great idea
Good for storage as well for 2 days or so.

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