TerraHydro Superoots Air-Pot 13.8 Liter, Case of 12

TerraHydro Superoots Air-Pot 13.8 Liter, Case of 12

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Soil Growers' Favorite!

This 5 gallon equivalent Air-Pot is excellent for transplanting seedlings and cuttings from smaller containers. Plants can be kept for one to two seasons before transplanting into a larger pot, or directly in the garden. This pot will accommodate a 2' to 6' plant. It is also possible to continue growing in this pot past the second season, just keep watering and fertilizing as required. The root system will continue to flourish and will produce abundant foliage.


Provides strength, rigidity and longevity. The Air-Pot is made from extra tough 100% HDPE plastic and can be used again and again and again.


Increases nutrient availability improving growth. The porosity of the Air-Pot provides better conditions for bacteria activity thus making nutrients more available to the plant. This improves growth and increases resistance to disease.


Prevents root circling. The inward pointing cones prevent root circling and direct roots outwards towards the open ended cones, where, because the air density of the medium is too great, the roots are effectivelyair-pruned .


For fast, vigorous plants and high yield. The entire volume of medium is quickly filled with a vast number of highly active root tips. The shear mass and efficiency of the root system increases nutrient uptake by approximately 15% leading to accelerated growth and higher yields.


Use your preferred medium and system. The Air-Pot can be used with a wide range of organic or hydroponic media and can be hand watered or used with drip irrigation or ebb n flow systems.


For superior oxygenation. The Air-Pot's raised base prevents plants from standing in water or on cold surfaces providing superior oxygenation and better conditions for growth.

The real benefits of using Superoots Air-Pot containers are that they:

  • Improved root development
  • Improved oxygenation
  • Improved nutrient uptake
  • Improved plant quality
  • Reduced crop time
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Faster growth rates
  • Healthier plants
  • Higher yields
  • Longer pot life

Dimensions: 12.5" H x 11.5" Outside Diameter

Base: 10" Green Base

Volume: 3.6 Gal., 13.8 L

5 Gallon Equivalent

*This Product Is Sold As A Case of 12*

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)13
Prop 65No
Length (in.)47
Width (in.)13
Height (in.)12
Lead TimeShips in 1-2 Days

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