Sure Test GroGuru Stem with 2 Sensors is no longer available

Sure Test GroGuru Stem with 2 Sensors is no longer available

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Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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The sensors on the Sure Test GroGuru Stem have been designed to provide you the info about your root zone to make your growing even more successful. These sensors measure the moisture content, Electrical Conductivity (EC), salinity and temperature of your medium. These lab rated sensors are highly accurate, very reliable and have passed SWAT certification conducted by Irrigation Association. The Stem communicates wirelessly with a Base unit called the Collector which can be up to 1000 feet away (batteries not included). The Stems report measurements from each of the sensors once every 30 minutes. This information is then reported to software on your desktop and/or smartphone app.

Tech Specs


BrandSure Test
Weight (lb.)1.95
Height (in.)4.3
Prop 65No
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-5 Business Days
Length (in.)13.1
Width (in.)9.8
Warranty1 Year
UL ListedNo

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Product Q&A

Sure Test GroGuru Stem with 2 Sensors Questions & Answers

They don't measure pH?
No pH would be a separate sensor technology.

How large of an area does the STEM measure? Will it cover a 4'X8' grow bed or a 300 gallon Smart Pot or is it strictly for small areas?
It measures roughly a cylinder aligned along the tine end of the sensor about 2” in diameter by 3.5” in length. Therefore, you want to place the sensor or sensors in a place representative of the whole bed or you can place multiple sensors to achieve your goal.

So these tell you when to fertilize and water?
Think of them as conductivity meters or moisture meters. They are reference tools that give you values for the different parameters that they measure. This data can then help you make better decisions and when to water and if your fertilizer concentrations need to be higher or lower. You may also find this video useful